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Planning your Special Wedding: The BELLE insider tips

He went down on one knee, popped the question and you said “Yes!”

Congratulations—you are now officially engaged. As you are about to go on one of the most enriching life adventures together, planning your wedding day begins. But—–Wait a minute “What do I have to do?” You ask. Granted, you may have been attending your friends’ wedding ceremonies as an esteemed guest. You may have been one of the bridesmaids for a close friend. Or maybe you have even been the emcee of your sister’s wedding ceremony. But things are different when it is your big day—Your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event; you definitely want to make it extremely special. Just thinking about the massive amount of planning involved might seem overwhelming sometimes! Well—don’t worry, the La Belle Couture team is here with 5 BELLE tips to help you out!


Having a general idea of what you want would make the finer details fit in easier later. Start thinking in terms of the big picture of your wedding. For instance, would you want a dynamic, luxurious and grand wedding reception with 200 tables, at a posh and upscale hotel? Or would you want a quieter, cozy smaller wedding in a café setting?

Also, ask yourself what theme of the wedding you would like prior to choosing a venue or any vendors. Would it be modern, monochrome, vintage, preppy, classic or something else? Once you have decided on this general theme, details on style and aesthetics would be easier to figure out.


Be sure to prepare yourself mentally for hiccups during the planning process. Your wedding would probably be the biggest project of your life, so we understand that you want it to be a truly memorable one! Be ready to compromise, and enter the planning of your wedding with an open-mind. Think about it this way: As long small details contribute to the bigger theme, you don’t have to necessarily follow everything on your plan. Sometimes tiny changes would even bring about refreshing elements of surprise—it just takes some creativity!


The Guest List

Think about the size of your guest list after taking into consideration the bigger theme of your wedding, parents’ wishes and your budget. Essentially, the easiest way to cut cost for a wedding is to make the size of your guest list more compact. The key here is to communicate well with the parents on both sides; be prepared to make compromises!

Budget: The “Wish” Vs “Need” list

Given the constraints of a budget, do you really need a wedding in a 6-star hotel in Singapore? Sometimes, couples might make some rash decisions on impulse and book a wedding reception venue in advance such that they do not consider the “price” factor of the venue, only to find out that they have to cut down on other parts of the wedding. As a result, they either go way above their initial budget (which might lead to conflicts between the couple later), or they couldn’t achieve the ideal effect they want of their wedding. It is therefore essential to think about the “Wish” VS “Need” list and prioritize the “needs” before “wishes”.

L— LIGHTEN your workload: Don’t try to be Superwoman!

It might be tempting to attempt to do everything yourself—but don’t stress yourself out trying to be a superwoman! Unless you have hired a professional wedding planner hired to help you, the chances are that you might miss out something in the process. Also, you might face burn-out because of time constraints.

However— if you have decided to do most of the things yourself, be sure to equip yourself with checklists! There are a couple of online resources specific to weddings you might check out. However, some of them are not specific to the Singaporean context, so do take note!

Fret not though! Exclusive for our blog readers, the La Belle Couture team has put together a very useful wedding guidebook that includes a comprehensive 12 months planning calendar in a checklist format, tips and advises from actual brides and grooms on what you should look out, plus an actual day schedule and a contact sheet template. Simply drop us an email (details at the end of this post) to get a free copy!



Get people involved and delegate work! Remember, you don’t have to do the entire wedding planning yourself. Friends and families would be more than willing to help, if you would allow them to! Just be sure to give them specific instructions and deadlines. J


The key is to be creative and flexible—take things with a tinge of salt!

We hope you have enjoyed this little piece—and we love you so much that we are offering a FREE copy of our guidebook exclusively to brides. To get a no-obligations copy, email enquiry @ with the following details:

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coverLa Belle Couture Wedding Planning Guide

P.S Do look forward for our 2nd edition of ‘Your Essential Wedding Guidebook’ coming your way soon!

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