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Poses For Your Pre-wedding Photography

Poses for your Pre-wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography means a great deal to many couples. We’ve recommended various wedding themes in the past to help couples live out their fantasies. However, there is another crucial aspect involved in a shoot – yes, you guessed it, poses! In fact, we can go so far as to say that poses can make or break a photo shoot. 

Rather than relying on the mechanical directions of your professional photographer, we’d like to help couples display their natural magnetism by experimenting and practising a range of popular poses. Trust us. These poses will infuse fun in your photography sessions and even bring some giggles in the process. 

Popular Pre-wedding Shoot Pose #1 – On An Adventure

Wedding is an adventure of sorts – as couples enter a new phase in their adult lives, filled with mystery and excitement. Why not include a pose that embodies that monumental journey? Couples can achieve the look by holding hands and looking joyfully into the distance—extra points for outdoor environments that provide boundless exploration. 

What does the future bring? Nobody knows, but take comfort that you’ll face it together. Remember to wear your prettiest wedding gown. You’ll want to look your best wherever the road takes you!

Popular Pre-wedding Shoot Pose #2 – The Kiss

An expected and self-explanatory pose. A kiss is arguably the most sensual and powerful expression of love. But try to keep it shoot-appropriate and artistic (ahem, don’t get carried away, the photographer is still there!). 

Get creative – perhaps a kiss under the veil, while seated at the verandah, or with your partner tipping you over to the side. The romantic charm of locked lips holds a special place in every wedding photography album – and if there’s any pose to master, it’s probably this one. 

Popular Pre-wedding Shoot Pose #3 – Going “Off Script”

Yes, a pre-wedding shoot is romantic and breathtaking, but couples should also consider letting themselves loose. Be comfy and strike a totally off-center pose. Have your partner piggyback you (and vice versa), point at the camera like hard-knocked rappers, or even flexible yoga stances. Anything goes as long as you don’t ruin your gorgeous wedding gown!

Popular Pre-wedding Shoot Pose #4 – The Pensive Gaze

The eyes are the windows into one’s soul. A loving gaze between couples can convey a message of love in epic proportions. It seems simple enough, but we suggest rehearsing the pose to avoid feeling like it’s awkward or scripted during the pre-wedding shoot. To help you out, consider channeling all the powerful emotions in a single moment/frame of bliss. Perhaps revisit that dreamlike proposal – and anticipate your happily-ever-after. Here’s him looking at you. It’s what you wanted, and it’s happening for real. 


We have rounded up some nifty poses. However, the most important thing is for brides to personalise according to their unique personalities. Just like the wedding outfit and theme, you’re the amazing architect of your big day. But don’t fret if you’re ever in self-doubt or depleted of ideas. The dedicated La Belle Couture team is ever ready to furnish you with the most mesmeric wedding plans!


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