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Golden Tips For Preparing A Festive Wedding

Golden Tips for Preparing a Festive Wedding

Saying “I do” is a remarkable thing regardless of time and place. However, we can’t deny that some moods and places invoke a greater sense of romance, love, and other precious feels. For that reason, a festive wedding makes a significant impact by tapping on the positive energy that’s already in the air. 

While the idea of a festive wedding seems appealing, it requires careful preparation (usually requiring additional time) for the ideal outcome. For starters, you’ll need to inform guests way in advance, so they make time for the celebration. But the prep goes beyond prompt invitations, and we’ve compiled a small checklist to keep you on track. 

Festive Wedding Tip #1: Strategise Invitations

Christmas is a widely celebrated event – which means that you’ll need to notify your guests in advance so they can block their calendars. You might have the most fabulous festive wedding celebration in mind, but it’s going to be sad if a few people show up. 

To reduce the number of no-shows/invite turn-downs, stick to inviting close friends, family, and close relatives, who’ll be more than delighted to spend Christmas by celebrating your union. 

You could make the wedding banquet invitation more enticing by integrating festive elements into the menu. These include traditional favorites like log cakes, red wine, hot cocoa, roast potatoes, and pigs in blankets. 

Guests who turn up for a festive wedding may be in a celebratory mood and be more generous with their bridal gifts!

Festive Wedding Tip #2: Create the Right Mood 

The right combination of colours and compositions will help create a fantastic festive atmosphere. Work out a wedding mood palette that includes splashes of white, red, and green. But go ahead and experiment with various shades to create a unique style that brings out your personality!

You can immediately transform a conventional wedding banquet setting with festive-themed chair covers, table linen, runners, cushions, and carpets. So consider every decor as a crucial piece of the whole festive picture. 

When done right, every attendee will feel a warm and welcoming mood emanating from every corner of your wedding venue. Don’t forget to incorporate your thematic colors into the choice of wedding gown and bridegroom’s outfit! 

Festive Wedding Tip #3: Plan your Festive Shots

Pre-wedding photography allows couples to have fun while shaping up the theme of their weddings. Also, you get perpetual keepsakes (wedding photos, of course!) to commemorate your love story! If you’ve grown up celebrating Xmas with the lore of Santa Claus, reindeers, carols, and pine cone trees, you’ll know that the event has a wintery theme to it. 

Therefore, if you’re having a festive wedding, you should opt for winter-themed photographs. That means gorgeous snowy landscapes and fabric-heavy wedding gowns (fabric like Georgette and Mikado) fit for a Scandinavian princess. Alas, we’re living in a hot tropical nation, and these photography ideas suit us like fish to land. 

Brides have two choices to overcome the geographical downer – plan an overseas shoot (a bit of a challenge now with the new normal), or have it in a studio! Trust us, the specially prepared wedding shots in your albums and montage will enhance the festive theme and be worth every bit of trouble!

Festive Wedding Tip #4: Music Makes the World Go Round

Choosing the right festive music for your wedding event will certainly add to the celebratory mood. Customize your playlist with the right mix of traditional holiday classics and modern faces (think Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey). 

Better yet, hire a live band to perform Xmas hits on the spot to engage your guests in singalongs and an altogether merry event for the ages! But be prepared to push your budget though, most vendors and performers charge extra during the holiday season.  




As with any other type of wedding, a festive wedding is all about sharing your good news with the world. As such, the most successful events require couples to stay true to their amazingly unique personalities. If you’re ever in doubt or lost during the wedding preparation, La Belle Couture is here to help! 

So rest your minds, stay creative, and have yourselves a very merry Xmas!

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