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Quick Tips For That Perfect Wedding Dress

Quick Tips for That Perfect Wedding Dress

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress

By Laurenzo Overee

A wedding dress is more than just a gorgeous outfit worn on your big day. It’s the look you’ve always desired since you were a little girl. That’s why you should never rush the selection process. We look at some of the most vital factors to consider in putting your dream bridal look together. 

Let’s eliminate the guesswork and create a lasting impression that your guests will be talking about even after the wedding!

Tip #1 for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: Don’t Limit Yourself to White

Red Wedding Gown

Yes, wedding gowns are traditionally in white or off-white colours. They represent purity, bliss, and holy matrimony – but times have changed. It’s all about free expression these days, and brides should showcase their personalities however they fancy. 

Other colours have deep symbolic meaning too. For example, red represents vibrance and energy, while black encapsulates sophistication and elegance. So take your time in sieving through the colour options for your wedding dress. Pick a design that resonates with your mood and personality – even if it isn’t in an off-white hue. 

Tip #2 for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: Know Your Body Type

Body Shape for Wedding Dress

A bride’s body dimensions, like weddings, come in all varieties. A clear understanding of your natural shape allows you to find the wedding dress silhouette, necklines, and backlines that highlight your best features. With knowledge comes power!

When in doubt, the friendly bridal consultants at La Belle Couture will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction! 

Regardless of whether you have a pear-shaped, hourglass, or athletic figure, trust us when we say there’s a wedding gown that will make you the star attraction on your big day. 

Tip #3 for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: Timing is Everything

Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s tempting to jump straight to gown shopping right after the big proposal – but some restraint can help you secure your dream design. Bridal boutiques release new collections at various times of the year, and let’s not forget those seasonal offers that can do wonders for your budget!

La Belle Couture usually releases three exclusive collections each year, with the latest being the Modernist collection. The catalog features form-fitting oriental designs with a chic twist. 

Also, avoid shopping too close to your wedding date; you might not have the preferred design available in time. And remember, with wedding gowns, you should never settle. You’re the bride!




Selecting your destined wedding gown seems like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. You should enjoy every step of the process with lots of fun, laughter, and satisfaction. Bring loved ones and your partner for your gown-fitting sessions and make the most out of the process. 

At La Belle Couture, we dedicate ourselves to the smiles and fulfillment of our brides. If you need the perfect wedding dress or anything wedding-related, you can rest assured that we’ll have you covered! 

As poet Khalil Gibran once said, “marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.” It’s an unforgettable event, and we’d love to start you off perfectly from the very first step – choosing your wedding dress. 

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