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Read Her Mind! 5 Most Memorable Bridal Moments

Read Her Mind! 5 Most Memorable Bridal Moments

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Your wedding day is easily one of the most important days of your life! From the time she said yes till your wedding day, there’s so much going on for the both of you – choosing bridal gowns, booking a hotel ballroom, surviving the gatecrash… Here’s an inside look into her mind! Read about the five most memorable bridal moments at La Belle Couture.

Most Memorable Bridal Moments – #1 Trying Her Wedding Gown

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Tasha: The first time I put on the wedding gown, I could feel the weight of the dress and it kind of felt like the weight of a wedding. Getting married was becoming very real!

Those ladies that I saw in chick flicks always looked elegant in their wedding gowns and had the most fairytale-like love stories. Even though I know we don’t live in a fairytale, I felt like I now had a special love story to call mine.

The two of you walk into the bridal studio for the first time and she’s completely starstruck by the wedding gown collection. She tries on her first wedding gown. When the curtains are pulled, you see her sashaying in this dreamy-looking, ivory lace wedding gown. Her face was radiant with delight and excitement.

You’re lost for words at how beautiful she looks. Also, kind of surprised at how grand the wedding gown is. You might even wonder if that’s necessary for a dress that you’re only going to wear for a few hours. It almost seems too much, until you understand that at that moment, she’s imagining walking down the aisle and exchanging the vows. The wedding gown selection means that the day when she gives you her promise is drawing nearer.


Most Memorable Moments Of Brides – #2 Choosing The Pre-Wedding Photography

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Gina: It was really awkward at the beginning! When the wedding photographer told us to gaze fondly into one another’s eyes, I remember thinking: We don’t do that in real life! I couldn’t stop giggling. But it certainly felt like we were in the movies – and that’s a fun experience!

Then, the day to choose the photographs comes. We were shown hundreds of raw shots. At nearly every photo, my eyes gleaned and I never stopped smiling.

Maybe at this point, grooms, you start to wonder how long you’re going to be here, or when you’re ever going to use any of these hundreds of photos again.

What you might not realise then is that your pre-wedding photography is a taster of actual day. Without the actual busyness of your wedding day! There’s no rushed tea ceremony, hurrying for second march-ins and squeezing between banquet tables to take photos. Yet the makeup artist has already worked her magic brushes. Your bride also has on her carefully chosen wedding gown. She looks utterly gorgeous!

Plus, you look amazing in your groom’s suit. And there’s the time and space to capture the romance between you both. That’s what makes pre-wedding photography a special experience!

In fact, it is also from pre-wedding photography that you get to retell your love story. Did you meet in secondary school? What did you do on your first date? How did you propose? There are many treasured memories behind your answers. Through pre-wedding photography, you can bring your wedding guests into your love story. Bear in mind that you can take these photos in your casual wear, bridal gowns, at outdoor locations, or in the studio – the options are endless!

Most Memorable Moments Of Brides – #3 When Her Father Sees Her

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Fiona: When my dad walked me down the aisle and gave me that long look before handing my hand over to my husband-to-be, I almost teared! It was a special moment because so much is being said in that one gaze. It was then that I realise how emotional it must be for my father, to watch his little girl grow up.

Brides have expressed how special this moment is. It’s especially so if they have a specially close relationship with their fathers. From the time we were born, fathers (and father figures in our lives) are our heroes. Some of our fathers are more stoic, while others are more affectionate. But we can always count on them to be one call away and ready to come to your rescue – from the time you forgot to bring your assignment to school to the time your car broke down on the highway.

Your wife-to-be’s father, who has walked her through her entire life, is about to hand her over to you, her husband. As he veils her and walks her down the aisle, her father is reminded of how much – and how fast his little girl has grown up. He brings himself back to the time when she was just learning to walk, or when she just graduated from university. When he hands her over to you and takes a meaningful look at her, that moment is incredibly precious.

She suddenly realises how emotional this moment is for her father. It can bring a tear. It can bring a knowing nod. Right there and then, it becomes one of the most memorable moments of brides.

Most Memorable Moments Of Brides – #4 Saying Your Vows

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Tricia: Writing my vows was one of the hardest things to prepare for! I am more of a “show my love through my actions” kind of girl. Hence, I am not great at verbally expressing my affection.

It was also pretty stressful! It did feel like the entire room was going to be looking at me, waiting for the next thing I’d be saying. Vows also are eternal, and definitely carry much weight. So, I stressed over choosing the best words.

However, as I worked on my fifth or sixth draft, the key ideas started to become clearer. The vows became a lot more meaningful when I realised that it’s not about the perfect words. It’s about sharing my heart with my husband!  

“With my deepest joy, I receive you into my life that together we may be one. I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care.” The marriage vows are external promises that you make to your bride – and her to you. You’re promising sacrifice; you’re promising faithfulness; you’re promising dedication. Each word explains the sacredness of marriage. Each word carries weight.

A Real-Life Love Story

What’s lovely is when you write personalised vows. You include snippets of your love story – the time she agreed to be your girlfriend or that time she encouraged you so much. Nothing quite compares to the both of you standing at the altar, locking eyes and hands, and speaking these words to one another.

These vows remain foundational to your marriage, especially after the wedding and honeymoon. When times are tough, she’d return to the moment when you exchanged vows, revisit the rush of passion and conviction, and return to build your marriage with more love.

Most Memorable Moments Of Brides – #5 Giving Your Thanksgiving Speeches

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Rui Ting: It was super nerve-wracking to be on stage! First of all, I’m saying this speech as a wife. I kept obsessing over how I should be saying my speech (even though I knew in my mind that I could just be myself!). Second, public speaking is not my favourite.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the speech and writing it down. I knew that if I didn’t have it down to the dot, I’d somehow let my nerves get to me. And I didn’t want to screw up! But the process of putting together the speech actually allowed me the time to think about what my family and friends have done for me. It stirred in me a thankful heart.

For most Asian families, there aren’t many instances like a wedding speech. It is when you pour your heart out to your family and friends. Maybe words of affection aren’t common in your family, or telling your friends how much you love them isn’t natural when you’re cheering your favourite soccer team on.

The thanksgiving speeches during a wedding provide the divine opportunity to truly give thanks. It could be for your parents for bringing you up (and her parents for bringing her up). Maybe it is for your brothers who stuck through NS and the not-always-easy gatecrash. For most times,  it is to your lovely partner for entrusting you with eternity.



What’s Your Bridal Moment?

These memorable moments of brides are deeply cherished because it breathes life into the precious human relationships that you have. You take time to realise what a gift it is to have her father walk her down the aisle, to be together with your wife at the altar, and to celebrate this union with your wedding guests. It’s no wonder that they become the most memorable moments of brides.

There you have it – how to read her mind. More importantly, you get to share in the most memorable moments of brides on one of the most treasured memories in their lives. It’s a privilege and great joy.

Disclaimer: The brides are not shown in the accompanying photos.

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