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Reflections Of 2019: Revealing The Truths & Changes That Happened

Reflections Of 2019: Revealing The Truths & Changes That Happened

Was it just us, or did the year go by so quickly? It almost feels like 2019 had just begun. But here we are, penning La Belle Couture’s reflections of 2019 to end the year.

Every year comes with its set of surprises and challenges, and this year was like no other. But without challenges, we won’t be able to develop into better versions of ourselves. 

Most people tend to view obstacles as obstructions. On the contrary, we see them as ways to improvise and innovate. No pain no gain right? (we don’t condone sadism, but sometimes a nip or a kick in the butt is what we need to push ourselves beyond limits!). 

Just last Monday, we closed the office for an annual meeting and used the time to reflect on ourselves. We considered the habits to eradicate and the ideas to be brought to life in 2020. It was definitely interesting, which is why in today’s blog post, we’ve decided to share the changes we underwent!

La Belle Couture’s Reflections Of 2019: New Year & New Bridal Packages!

The heydays of  “a package that fits all” are coming to an end. Nowadays , couples are going for services that fit their preferences. 

Let’s consider a simple analogy. Instead of purchasing a KFC meal (2 drumsticks, fries and a cup of Pepsi),  people these days would prefer to purchase 2 KFC drumsticks, forgo the fries, and grab some bubble tea from Koi (we hope this didn’t make you hungry. Sorry if we did!).

With that analogy in mind, we changed our packages to become a lot more flexible. By doing so, the power of customized services is given to couples.

Why? We didn’t want to be seen as the typical bridal boutique with “bridal packages”. Rather, we want couples to feel confident with their choices, even if this means passing on the “entire suite of services”

The Reaction From The La Belle Couture Team

Was this the right move? Based on past market surveys and observations, we’d say yes. 

Was this a move that was well-received? Uh….let’s just say it took us a while to get everyone on board. 

Let’s be real for a moment! Most people find it hard to embrace change. As creatures of comfort, we prefer staying right where we’re at. Even with signs of imminent failure, our minds would be convinced that everything’s going alright. What’s a hairline fracture anyway? Not much ain’t it?

Well, not until it grows bigger and deeper. 

We knew we had to intervene! Our vision has always been about providing customers with a stress-free experience. Which is why we’ve moved forward with the necessary amendments without hesitation. Even if it meant waking a sleeping giant. 

Was it painfully difficult? It sure was! There was a fair amount of resistance from the team. In order to not let things fester further, we held regular meetings to address the issues faced by the team. From there, we integrated  feedback, made changes and viola! 

We are still a work-in-progress (aren’t we all?). But with how everything is going, we can safely say that we’re on the right track!

La Belle Couture’s Reflections Of 2019: New year & New Collaborations!

Our number one belief is to be at the forefront of the bridal industry. Long gone are the days of being a one-stop solution for every bride. Instead, we want to break away from tradition by providing clients with the freedom to select their preferred vendors. 

That’s why we began collaborating with some of the most established names in the industry to create exclusive packages. The participating vendors, Androids in Boots, Multifolds Productions, Douglas Fun and Autelier Makeup, are some of the brands involved in this new initiative. 

Photo by Androids In Boots

Photo by Douglas Fun Wedding Photography



The Reaction From The La Belle Couture Team

Again, this was a pretty unorthodox move. 

Having been a one-stop solution for the past 13 years, roping in popular brands into our suite of services did seem to contradict what we’ve always stood for. It’s almost like an open invitation for a competition! On top of adapting to the big changes in our packages, we’ve also realised the need to know how other brands operated!

Photo by Multifolds

But, we had to recalibrate our thought processes. Instead of stubbornly swearing by old ways, we embraced the idea of collaborations. After all, we share the same core goal, which is to bring joy to couples! Bright smiles are what we aim for at the end of the day. So why not work together to achieve that?

At the end of the day, it is up to the couples’ discretion in deciding on their wedding vendors. So we will definitely keep this in mind throughout 2020. 

Looking forward to new and exciting collaborations!

La Belle Couture’s Reflections Of 2019: Our Past 2 years With Rosette Designs & Co.

Just a little over two years ago, we merged with one of Singapore’s top wedding stylist and evening planners, Rosette Designs & Co. We wanted to provide more value to our couples through a personalised touch. 

It made sense for couples to tap onto the boundless creativity of wedding stylists and planners. With more than 9 years of experience under their belt, we were confident that Rosette Designs & Co, was right for the job.

During the merger, we jointly hosted a couple of in-house events, organised fun workshops and designed packages that harmonised both of our services. 

Was it easy? Hmm lets just say that some of us unlocked innate skills in style and coordination…while others are still hopeless at differentiating colours. 

However, without a doubt, it proved to be an interesting experience for everyone.

Don’t get us wrong! We adore the team from Rosette Designs & Co. 

But, having to integrate an unfamiliar business with ours was a tough move. It was like stepping into dark depths, and hoping that we’d stay safe (and afloat).   

Having said that, we learnt valuable lessons from the merger. This included being a good leader and listener, letting go of petty arguments and communicating the right way. 

Closure Of Multiple Bridal Boutiques 

2019 bore news that shook the bridal industry. You’ve probably heard of the closure of bridal boutiques that left many stranded couples fending for themselves. In fact, we heard horror stories of couples who were directionless within a month of their wedding (some of them were close to tears!)

Of course, nobody would ever dream of thrusting their big day into the wrong hands. There must have been personal reasons why they chose to go ahead with those affected boutiques. (could have been pricing, specific products, popular staff, hearsay from friends and more)

The sudden closures definitely caught us off guard, but it also taught us a valuable lesson: what seems great on the outside doesn’t translate to reality (we will talk more about this in our next blog post). 

How were we affected by this? 

After the scare, couples are understandably a lot more guarded. Friends and family would rally behind them, and bombard us with questions to ensure that we weren’t going to leave their loved ones in the lurch. Some clients even dropped texts or gave us a call to check if everything was still in order. . 

Of course, we are always open to addressing any questions! But what saddened us the most was the negative impact that the sudden closures brought to bridal boutiques. Years of hard-earned reputation and credibility can be easily toppled by one terrible incident. 

However, nothing will stop us from providing what’s best for our couples! The entire team is geared towards doing what’s right and ethical. So, we’re always keeping tabs on our workflow to ensure that everything goes on smoothly. 

What’s Happening in 2020?

We can’t divulge too much, but we know that a lot is going to happen. There will be major shifts, surprises and much more on our plate. One thing for sure:  we’re going to be busy, but we’re mega excited to see what’s next. 

We certainly hope you are too!


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