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Revealing How The Latest Bridal Gown Collection, Parisian, Came Together With La Belle Couture’s Bridal Gown Designers, Lucas & Jimmy!

Revealing How The Latest Bridal Gown Collection, Parisian, Came Together With La Belle Couture’s Bridal Gown Designers, Lucas & Jimmy!


Get close and personal with La Belle Couture’s bridal gown designers & know more about the latest bridal collection, Parisian!

Everything is made beautiful in its time, be it from the past and the present. 

Parisian, La Belle Couture’s bridal collection in the first quarter of 2019, was recently launched. With the glorious and exceedingly opulent wedding gown pieces, you will definitely turn heads! Be ready to be recognised as an icon of style, finesse and wonderment!

In today’s feature, Lucas and Jimmy, La Belle Couture’ highly raved bridal gown designers will be sharing more about Parisian. From the inspiration behind Parisian, their favourite wedding dress design and their challenges, they have exclusively revealed tips on wedding gowns!

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Questions On The Latest Bridal Gown Collection: The Inspiration Behind Parisian

Lucas: Months prior to the launch of Parisian, we looked for concepts that stood out. We were scrolled through endless photos of Paris and its beautiful streets. What caught our attention was the cobbled floors, the magnificent architecture, and never ending textures. 

Jimmy: In general, Paris’ beautiful streets blew us away! It retained the elements of the old and new perfectly, without eradicating the marks of the past. Because of that, we wanted to integrate this concept into classic wedding dress designs. Each bridal gown is re-imagined in beautiful ways for a strikingly modern yet timeless touch.

Questions On The Latest Bridal Gown Collection: Favourite Wedding Gown Designs From Parisian

Jimmy: Oh my, that’s a difficult question. Hmm…feels like every wedding gown is my favourite. Each wedding dress design is so different! If I had to pick, it would definitely be this mermaid wedding dress design.

Jimmy: Celebrating a woman’s curves and charms is something I live by. This is why you can see that in this wedding dress design.

Firstly, we create the skeleton of the mermaid silhouette in a sheer lace fabric. For depth, an additional layer was added over before the embroidery were stitched over the bodice.  

To transform the classic mermaid silhouette with a modern touch, we decided that going bold with plunging neckline would be the right way! A mesh was added over so that it wouldn’t seem so vulgar. From the back, the straps that is supporting the dress are studded with glittering gems.

Lucas: As for me, there is a princess in every bride. I am sure brides felt that envy welling up when they saw Kate Middleton getting married!

There is always a touch of modesty when it comes to the wedding gowns of royalty. In this wedding gown design, you would notice that it deviates from that narrative while retaining a touch of princess vibes. Sensuality is the main concept behind this!

Featuring a pronounced wedding gown sweetheart line, The slim straps supporting the bodice are lined with minuscule lace bits. Lined with embellishments and crystals, intricate geometric pattern on the bodice stands out against layers of tulle!

I added a layer of tulle filled with glitter under the first layer of plain tulle for a subtle yet shimmering effect! That way, it wouldn’t overshadow the artwork on the bodice.

Questions On The Latest Bridal Gown Collection: Challenges You Faced When Putting Parisian Together

Lucas: We wanted to create the structure in our wedding gowns. So, we had the struggle on finding the right fabrics. 

Jimmy: We bought a few yards of varied fabrics (locally and from overseas). After that, we ran a few test to see how they held together, and if they complemented with each other. I remember Lucas and I arguing over between lace patterns to purchase! We ended up with two of them, and thankfully, we managed to use both of them.

Questions On The Latest Bridal Gown Collection: Any Tips To Accessorise Your Wedding Look In The Wedding Dresses From Parisian!

Lucas: Because of the multiple textures seen in most wedding gown designs from Parisian, the bridal accessories should kept simple. Your hairstyle should be neat and sleek. Think of cascading curls on the side, or a simple low/high bun.

Jimmy: As a believer of style and comfort, I would always advise my brides to buy shoes that are versatile and easy on the feet. There’s no point getting a pair of stilettos that you can’t balance in and hurt yourself.

Questions On The Latest Bridal Gown Collection: Advice For Brides Who Are Choosing Their Wedding Gown

Jimmy: Be comfortable in your wedding gown, in terms of style and the fit! If the wedding gown is too tight, then check if it can be altered to be looser. I know some brides feel “ashamed” to alter their wedding gown to be bigger, but what’s more important? A fitting wedding dress and severe indigestion, or walking with ease? 

Lucas: My top advice is to always wear the right undergarments! Not only should you go for seamless cuts, the colour has to be as close as to the skin tone of your body.

From our latest bridal gown collection, Parisian, you would notice that some of the wedding dresses are a little sheer. So if you wear under garments that are lighter or darker than your skin tone, it would be very obvious in both wedding photos and in person!


Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services and view our latest bridal collection, Parisian!

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