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Revealing The Top Secrets To Achieving Amazing Wedding Photos!

Revealing The Top Secrets To Achieving Amazing Wedding Photos!

Wedding photos are an indispensable component of any wedding. After all, it’s the most tangible keepsake you possess after the wedding ceremony itself is done and dusted. So many variables can potentially influence the outcome, but the most important one, in our humble opinion, is definitely the choice of wedding photographer.

There’s been quite a few horror stories recently of wedding photographers who’ve severely underdelivered (this and this just to name a few) and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we won’t become the next viral article for all the wrong reasons.

Top Secret to Amazing Wedding Photos #1: “Open Communication With Your Photographer Is Key”

Schedule a meetup before the big day (or a couple) just to go over expectations for the photos in terms of lighting, angle and subjects to capture. Keep in mind that quality triumphs quantity, so have that worked out way in advance to avoid any nasty surprises!

Do remember to communicate that both you and your partner aren’t exactly experts in posing in front of a camera (unless you moonlight as a model or talent). As such, he or she will have to keep that in mind when directing you to achieve the poses in mind.

Top Secret to Amazing Wedding Photos #2: “Get Comfortable With Your Wedding Photographer”

It won’t hurt to build up a certain rapport with your designated photographer, be it a hired hand or a dear friend doing you guys a favour. Sometimes, it might help to go beyond the conversation and rely more on your instinctive cues.

One way would be to compare body language cues, patterns in their manner of speech, to infer if he or she’ll be a good fit. If you’re a verbally expressive couple, an equally enthusiastic photographer might be a better fit for your energy level than one who’s a lot more calm and reticent (who might then appear aloof to you).

After all, you’re both working towards the same goal – capturing the most amazing wedding photos for you to reminisce in the days to come.

Top Secret to Amazing Wedding Photos #3: “Make Sure The Wedding Photography Style Complements Your Wedding Theme”

Deciding to go down the quirky route or think classy is the way to go? Off the top of our heads, we would think the former allows for more creative post-editing or more dynamic poses!

On the other hand, the latter will do well with more classic posing, perhaps with a grand centerpiece in an indoor studio to anchor the shoot?

With these in mind, make sure the photographer of your choice understands where you’re coming from and is flexible enough to adapt and improvise even on the day itself!

Top Secret to Amazing Wedding Photos #4: “Bring Meaningful Props To Show Off Your Personality As A Couple”

To differentiate yourself from any other wedding couple out there, bring accents that’ll convey your very own love story!

Be it a stuffed toy, shared love for vintage vinyl records, handwritten letters exchanged during a long-distance relationship, or even a quirky gift that is meaningful to you as a couple, feel free to bring them along or attempt to incorporate them into your wedding shoot! After all, these will make great conversation-starters.

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