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Say Yes To These Timeless Wedding Dresses

Say Yes to These Timeless Wedding Dresses

By Laurenzo Overee

All wedding gowns are breathtaking, to begin with, but the beauty of some designs exceed the test of time. Timeless wedding dresses look great now and forever, just like the love you share with your partner. So what’s the secret? It’s all in the details – less is more, and some styles display that perfectly. 

So if you’re still wondering about the ideal wedding gown and you want an ensemble that withstands the test of time, you’re in luck! We’re here to share some of La Belle’s timeless masterpieces that will suit your fancy. 

La Belle’s Timeless Wedding Dresses – Bloomingdale A-Line Tulle Gown with Appliqués

There’s something special and mesmeric about appliqués. If you’re wondering what those are, they’re the gorgeous needlework embellishments layered on wedding gowns. Bloomingdale is a La Belle collection inspired by the endless spring cycle, featuring a wide range of floral motifs and vibrant colours. 

The lightweight tulle gown makes it ideal for outdoor wedding photography, especially in the unforgiving equatorial climate. Bloom-inspired appliqués give the bodice a nice touch of feminine elegance, extending along the halter strap that accentuates the neckline. 

La Belle’s Timeless Wedding Dresses – Bloomingdale Strapless Sweetheart Gown

Another Bloomingdale original, the dress complements brides who seek the princessy look. A seamless combination of sweetheart bodice and flowy crepe skirt creates an evocative design that will make you blossom with joy. Strapless gowns are ideal for brides with slender shoulders, presenting a dainty yet elegant appearance.

If you’d like to style up the design, consider pairing the gown with a classy bridal choker that directs attention to the delicate contours of the collarbone. There’s a good reason why they’re also known as the beauty bone. 

La Belle’s Timeless Wedding Dresses –  The Classic Ball Gown

Some of the most majestic wedding dresses ever worn in history are ball gowns. They’re the epitome of sophistication, regality, and confidence. La Belle’s Parisian collection offers a fine selection of meticulously designed ball gowns like the one pictured above. 

The well-fitted off-shoulder design features an embellished bodice and a lovely tulle skirt finished with a gorgeous french lace hemline. Donning the wedding gown transports you to the glory days of classic Paris, amidst velvet-lined corridors and gilded artwork. C’est la vie, mon petit chéri. 




Timeless wedding dresses symbolise the everlasting love professed at a wedding. Choosing the right fit emphasises the impact and experience of the grand celebration. When done right, you’ll have sweet wedding memories to last a lifetime. 

You should never forget to “consult your personality” and the overall wedding theme before selecting a gown design. While it’s tempting to go with a timeless dress that captivates you, at first sight, a wedding is more than a gown. It’s about creating priceless moments with your loved ones in one of the biggest celebrations in your life.  

At La Belle Couture, we can help you discover the best styles to express your personality and make your wedding day a dream come true. Let’s begin that wedding journey!

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