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Secrets To Looking More Well-endowed In Your Wedding Gown Revealed!

Secrets to Looking More Well-endowed in Your Wedding Gown Revealed!

You want to look beautiful in your wedding gown on your wedding day. You want to achieve that gorgeous hour-glass figure which is the dream of every girl. Yet, you are concerned that your less-endowed frame will burst your bubble?

As Asians (including us Singaporeans) are usually less endowed compared to our Western counterparts, this is one of the very common concerns brides struggle with. However, fret not; our bridal experts have revealed the top 4 secrets that can transform any bride into a well-endowed bride.

Wedding Gown Secret 1: Pad Your Chest With Silicon Bras!

Unless you are well-endowed and comfortable, most brides do put on a bra under their wedding gowns even though they padded. This gives a fuller shape and better support. In fact, most brides make use of NuBras and layer them over each other (with more NuBras) to create a deeper cleavage. Of course, it is important to choose the right wedding gown that fits you like a glove. Just imagine if the wedding gown is loose on the top? If you had used the NuBra trick, chances are people are going to catch a glimpse of that as you grace the aisle in your wedding gown. That doesn’t sound like something you would like to remember right?


Wedding gown to look well-endowed

Wedding Gown Secret 2: Choose The Wedding Gown With The Right Details

 Beautiful embellishments on the wedding gowns, in particular on the bust area would also help create the ‘bigger’ illusion, i.e. you will look more well-endowed. These can include lace, ruffles, jewels, sequins and pleats, which are some examples of neckline details that enhance bust size appearance. On the same note, the usage of embellishments can be versatile too as they can also create a ‘slimmer’ effect. This depends on the type of embellishment, its location on the wedding gown and angle.

Another factor to note if you want to look well-endowed, is the neckline of your wedding gown. Avoid wearing high necklaces that cover your cleavage. You want to flaunt it, not hide them. Consider wearing necklaces that end above your cleavage area so that spotlight can still be shone on your assets. Examples such as the sweetheart neckline, V neckline, square necklines would be great to enhance your bustline and achieving the more well-endowed look!


Different wedding gown necklines you can consider for a more well-endowed look

Wedding Gown Secret 3: A Wedding Gown That Has A Corset Bodice Will Magnify Your Bustline

There are several articles that have shared on how a seemingly smaller waistline helps bring more attention to your bustline. This offers a much more curvaceous figure, which is of course yet another dream of most Singaporean brides! But how?

The trick is to choose a wedding gown that has corset fitted in the bodice. Having a corset-type wedding gown also means that your dress is more secured and holds your assets better! What is equally amazing about corset-type wedding gowns is that it helps create a smaller waist line, which means that your bust area will naturally look larger by comparison. Consequently, your hips will look wider as well and tadah! You have your gorgeous hour-glass figure you have been yearning for! Most importantly, you need not worry about not looking well-endowed!



Wedding Gown Secret 4: Keep Your Posture Firm

Always remember that carrying yourself with a good posture not only reflects your confidence but it also pushes whatever needs to be pushed out – bust and butt. Slouching hides your feminine curves (and adds imaginary weight to your frame), so you have to consciously remind yourself to maintain a good posture throughout the wedding day. Plus, it looks much better captured in pictures too! It is really that simple to look more well-endowed in your wedding gowns!

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