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Singapore Wedding Photography Spots: Trending Instagram-Worthy Photography Locations Of 2019

Singapore Wedding Photography Spots: Trending Instagram-Worthy Photography Locations Of 2019

You definitely want to capture the brilliant moments via Pre Wedding photography! Of course, the right wedding photography spots make a difference to your wedding photos.

Don’t be fooled by the tiny red dot on the world map! There are many wondrous locations on our island that offer the right  atmosphere for your wedding photos.

We have selected a few trending wedding photography spots in 2019 that are bound to suit your heart’s desire! Scroll down to read more.

Singapore Wedding Photography Spots 1: The National Gallery

A place bathed in history, National Gallery is characterised by its colonial architecture. Its lavish halls echo with charm and sophistication. When paired with the right wedding outfits against , you are bound to stand out.

Pose against the minimalistic white decor to shine the spotlight on the romantic gestures and expressions between you and your partner! It is little wonder why this historical place has remained a hot favourite for wedding photography!

In the image above, Connie opted for a bridal gown in rich pinks and reds that has her looking like a princess straight out of a fairy tale!

Singapore Wedding Photography Spots 2: Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is an iconic location to enjoy Singapore’s cityscape…and it is a great wedding photography spot too!

Large open spaces will allow you to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. Plus, the dazzling view of the iconic city skyline as your wedding photography backdrop is nothing short of amazing. 

Here, you can capture wedding photos with a uniquely local flavour with the Singapore flyer as your backdrop. This is a wedding photography spot certainly not to be missed for postcard and album-pretty images (especially if you are coming from another country for photography in sunny Singapore!)!  

Singapore Wedding Photography Spots 3: Upper Seletar Reservoir

Nestled far away from the urban life, Upper Seletar reservoir offers couples the chance to witness the sunset under the iconic Casuarina tree. This is truly a mesmerising location, which is why it remains one of our top wedding photography spots!

Imagine how amazing it would be to have your romantic photos taken amid the warm glow of the setting sun. It would look like a scene right out of a fairy tale!

The tranquil ambience and unspoiled greenery of the park is simply ideal for romantic wedding photography with a dose of mother nature.

Singapore Wedding Photography Spots 4: Portsdown Road

Portsdown Road is a charming place brimming with unique photo opportunities! Hauntingly beautiful and nostalgic, this wedding photography spot is a place unlike any other in Singapore.

If you are looking to add some mystery and excitement to their photo shoot experience, visit the abandoned water tank atop a hill. Its stained walls and eerie shape are standout features from the surrounding lushness. This is a sure way to have that winning wedding photo!


What did you think about these popular wedding photography spots? How will you capture those cherished moments with your lover? Do you know any other picturesque places? Share with us and let us know!

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