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Singapore’s Trending Wedding Photography Venues

I read the recent The Straits Times article with delight, it mentions that “a growing number of couples are giving a new twist to what it means to walk down the aisle, by adding pictures of themselves alongside fruits, vegetables and cans into their wedding album.”

Supermarket you say? It is true that Singaporeans are a creative bunch and wedding photography is not just veering away from the humdrum locations, some even border on the theatrical. More importantly, these locations bring back memories of yesteryears, how you first met and how your love blossomed.

Met on the school playground? Always stealing her Chickadees? Why not brush off those dusty school uniforms and recreate the moment, complete with nerdy glasses and the classic plaited hair in a scrunchy.

There are probably less than 4 of such playgrounds in Singapore, the most outstanding one will be the Dragon playground at Toa Payoh opposite SAFRA. The last remaning ones can be found in Toa Payoh, Ang Mo kio and Circuit Road.

Visit this link for Remember Singapore’s feature on old playgrounds:

Mutually love the east meets west fashion revolution of 1940’s Shanghai? Fancy yourself as the dragon lady to suave Chow Yun Fat AKA the Godfather of the East? Want to act out a scene from上海灘 (The Bund) for a day? All you have to do is flock to Chinatown for a one of a kind architecture or a pub/lounge setting that is sure to be a blast from the past. Ask your photographer to work his Photoshop magic and the result is an artistically weathered page out of a period fashion magazine. Photo Location: No. 5 Emerald Hill (Note: Fees apply)


Recreate Grease in Singapore for a wonderful musical extravaganza not to be missed. Love Glee, singing and swing dancing? How about holding a photography session in a vintage store, complete with 1950’s standing microphone and throw in your closest friends for a crazy night out. Photo Location: Children Little Museum at Bussorah Street. (Note: Fees apply)



First set eyes on each other over a fast car? Went gaga for each other over the excitement on the racetrack? Formula 1 dream come true? Perch yourselves on a pile of tires for a sporty casual shot or get down and dirty around the F1 pitch, crossing the finishing line has never been easier.



Remember that 甜蜜蜜 (sweet nothing) moment when you went cycling or that Vespa scooter that you both pamper like a child? The simplest moments can be the best moments. Head for the great outdoors for the shot, top it off with a spot of Photoshop and it will make for a memorable ride.


Famous for being so laid back that you are always tardy? No wonder your friends joke about being late for your own wedding? Why not surprise them by acting out this scenario at the airport? It makes for a one of a kind shot for sure. Run, run like the wind!

Met at a fruit stall of all things? Remember the exact moment your eyes met your fellow fruit munching soul mate? Who cares about durian breath, you kissed anyway.

Both bond over the love of reading? Met in a library over a pile of books? Pride yourself on being a bookworm? Take a shot at the library or a bookstore, surrounded by literary giants.

Are you creative enthusiasts and art lovers? Walk to the beat of the aesthetically inclined? Look out for roadside graphical wall murals for a relaxed casual look against a backdrop that pops. Who said a good shot needs to be complicated? Photo Location: Arab Street

We will feature more photoshoot locations in later installments of the topic.

This is your once in a lifetime chance to think out of the box and go crazy and have the time of your lives. Unsure what is a suitable venue of your pre-wedding Photoshoot, take a joy ride around the city and explore your usual haunts, you never know what will jump out at you!

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