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If you think that your ROM/ Solemnisation ceremony is a much less important event as compared to your wedding banquet, we beg to differ! After all, your ROM/ Solemnisation ceremony marks the official beginning of your marriage, under the eyes of the law. Hence, there should be no reason why you should place less emphasis on the ROM dress!

Although ROM packages are commonly offered in most bridal boutiques in Singapore, what sets us apart is how you can customise your ROM packages with ‘wishing stars’ to redeem bridal services that you require. At La Belle Couture, we are the first and only bridal boutique in Singapore that offers our customers ‘Build Your Own’ Wedding Packages. Unlike the traditional fixed ‘one size fits all’ packages, couples do not need to pay or be tied down to services which they may not require with our ‘Build Your Own’ Wedding Packages, while still enjoying the best cost savings you deserve!

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