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Special Wedding Moments To Capture On The Big Day

Special Wedding Moments to Capture on the Big Day

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Even though memories of the wedding are wonderful, wedding photography is equally precious as it immortalises the special wedding moments. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you capture some key segments of the wedding that you and your partner can reminisce about as you age gracefully.

Special Wedding Moments #1 – True Love’s Kiss

Most couples would agree that the kiss on the wedding day is one of the most precious moments. It seals the love between two souls destined to be together. Therefore, your wedding photographers should capture the shot beautifully on the wedding day. The angle matters little,  as the focus should be about catching the sparks between couples. True love’s kiss is one of the definitive wedding photographs to be treasured forever.

Special Wedding Moments #2 – Families During the Banquet

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There are bound to be a few emotional members among families. Make sure that you capture their expressions through quality wedding photography, especially during the thanksgiving toast that pulls the heartstrings. Remember, love is in the air, emanating from the blessed couple right down to the proud family members, relatives, and friends. So, don’t forget to preserve the joyous scene during the banquet!

Special Wedding Moments #3 – The Way a Groom Glances at his Bride

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As the saying goes “a woman is the prettiest on her wedding day”. Well, what better way to represent that than through the eyes of her groom? This is a powerful and often fleeting moment, hence the wedding photographers should be always on standby. We are sure that this precious shot will bring a flood of memories when the couple browses their wedding album into the future.

Special Wedding Moments #4  – The Wedding Bands

We know how gorgeous wedding rings are, but they carry extra meaning on the wedding day. You should capture a wedding picture of the rings and the milestone moment when couples make the exchange. Consider it an image highlight that symbolises the entire wedding ceremony.

Special Wedding Moments #5 – The Fateful Walk Down the Aisle


As the bride walks down the aisle in the arms of her parents, she enters a new phase of life. The process is one of the most symbolic and majestic moments not to be missed. A well-framed aisle shot captures the genuine joy on the couple’s faces and of the guests showing their utmost love and support for the union. Ultimately, it’s what a wedding is all about – taking a romantic relationship to the next level while receiving the blessing from the ones who matter.


If you are seeking a trustworthy wedding photographer who will freeze the precious moments listed above, look no further! At La Belle Couture, we offer some of the most customised wedding photography packages that ensure that your best bridal memories are kept alive for years to come. From pre-wedding to actual day shoots, our photography experts will enhance your wedding experience and guide you through every step of the way.

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