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Suit up! La Belle’s Groom’s Dressing Guide Part I

Today, the spotlight is on the grooms (finally!) who are almost always forgotten when it comes to style. We all get so fixated and focused on the bride that we sometimes neglect the groom. But they are just as important – think about it, there won’t be a wedding without them, right?











“Singapore so hot, really must wear suit meh?” Well—wearing a nicely-tailored suit improves your attractiveness index by a lot, so bearing with the heat might prove to be worth it!

With such a wide range of suits available, it can be difficult to know which one is perfect for you. Of course, you may not feel the immense pressure that the bride feels, when they are picking their perfect wedding attire, but you will still want to look your best on this special day. Thus, choosing your suit is important, and these are a few factors to consider prior to picking your outfit.

1. When is your wedding, and how much time do you have?
You want to get a head start especially if you are looking for a customized bespoke Made to Measure Men’s suit/ tuxedo. If time does not permit, good news is that many bridal houses in Singapore do provide rental of suits. Alternatively, you may even purchase off the racks from fashion retailers.

2. Budget

Before you start shopping, always determine your budget. This is only 1 part of your wedding and you do not want to end up overspending on your attire and end up changing your mind later. So, it would be useful to have a good gauge on the price range. It will help you set a realistic and concrete budget. But the good news is – dressing well for the grooms need not be a costly affair as what the groom wears for the wedding can and should be a wardrobe staple that he can easily wear again on other formal occasions!

In this case, you can always expect to pay more for customized made to measure suits/ tuxedos, as compared to purchasing off the racks and rental. However, do take into consideration the alteration costs should you purchase your suit.
3. Understand your body

When it comes to choosing tuxedos and suits, the essence to looking smart and charming is learning to dress for your body type. In general, tailoring and fitting matters a lot when it comes to looking good in suits! So bear in mind to get a tailor-made suit if you can. After all, even the most expensive suits will look bad on the groom if it is ill-fitting!

With such a wide range of styles and cuts available in the market, we recommend you to try on various styles and cut to find one that fits best. Above all, do think about what makes you feel most comfortable as there are definitely some trade offs that come along with a fitted cut. Big movements, or even as simple as raising your glass during the toast might be things you want to avoid when wearing a fitted suit (either that, or simply unbutton your jacket).












4. Decide how many suits you may require

Generally, most couples will have at least 2 changes of outfit on their wedding day. However some may differ. Thus depending on the number of suits that you may require, you may have the option to explore more suit styles giving you different looks.

5. Different dress styles for different occasions

The guideline here is to always complement the bride’s style—we cannot stress this enough! Your wedding is a story of two: Reflect that via your styles too!

Day look
If your wedding takes place during the day or outdoors, a more casual vibe may be good. For instance, you can explore lighter color suits, or in Singapore’s context, not wear the jacket during the day. Some adventurous grooms choose to pair the pants with a different coloured jacket to jazz up the look. It all depends on the venue—and what the bride is wearing!

Night look
It would be a great idea to dress really formally during the wedding dinner reception, especially if it is at a five star hotel. (Think Sentosa Cove or Shangri-la). A dark, well-tailored suit with a white shirt and bow tie might be a great idea! Some grooms may want to opt for a Tuxedo with a long tailcoat. Again, match the accessories to what your bride is wearing.

6. Research
Start a mood board and collect photos of suits/ tuxedos that speak to you. Browse through magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and copy these photos on your smartphone so you bring along when you are shopping. Think about whether you want to go for one or two button jacket, single or double breasted, and the design of the lapels.

At La Belle Couture, grooms are spoilt for choice with as we carry a wide range of men suit style for rental, with over 200 selections to choose from. But do bear in mind, that there will be limitations on the fit as the cutting for the men’s suits are pretty much of a standard cut. For a suit to fit the body proportions perfectly, especially for the groom who has a lanky built, custom made suits are recommended. Whichever option you go for, you can be rest assured that our team of designers and bridal consultants will provide their best recommendations, base on your body shape, color theme and the bride gown style.

Look out for more style tips by our team of experienced desginers in our next installment of La Belle’s Groom’s Dressing Guide!

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