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Wedding Songs To Dance/March In To

Thinking of doing away with Mendelssohn’s Wedding March? Can’t decide which song to choose for your first dance? Fret no further as we present 10 songs plus 1 playlist for you to pick the perfect one for that special moment.…

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Wedding Feature – Agnes and Andrew

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot   Actual Day Image source: Couple's own Image source: Couple's own Image source: Couple's own Image source: Couple's own Image source: Couple's own 1. How did you meet? Agnes: We met through a friends' gathering. It was…

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15 Must-Capture Moments During Your Wedding

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Digital Photography School ( has compiled a thorough list that you can use as a guide. But for now,…

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50 Most Played Wedding Songs

What better way to convey your excitement and express your love through the choice of music? Whether you’re playing “your song”, remembering a moment, or even just kick-starting the wedding after-party, the song you choose plays a big part in…

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Wedding Hair DOs and DON’Ts

As much as we love inspirations from time to time, this time we’d like to offer more valuable insights. Ever heard the saying, “Too much of anything is never good?” In this case, here’s some tips from experts implying what…

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Top 5 Bachelor/ette Party Ideas

The time has come to bid singlehood goodbye and welcome married life with open arms. With regards to this, lesser people also feel the need to mourn the end of their singledom with drunken debauchery that mirrors their single days.…

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