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The Amazing Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous That Every Bride Wants To Keep It Hush Hush (Even From Their Best Friends), Part Two!

The Amazing Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous That Every Bride Wants To Keep It Hush Hush (Even From Their Best Friends), Part Two!

Last article, we shared some amazing secrets to looking gorgeous on your wedding day; here’s more to keep yourself pampered from head to toe! For this edition, we’ll be focusing more on your wedding gown and how to make it work for you on your wedding day!

Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous for Brides-to-be #5: Avoid Drastic Changes To Your Hair…

It might be tempting to wow your guests with a crazy new hair colour or cut, but we’ll advise against taking such a big risk. Especially on such an important occasion!

For one, it might not turn out exactly the way you envisioned. Plus, it’ll be immortalised in your wedding photos for ages to come. Hence we say, choose wisely!

Erring on the side of caution, we suggest heading to the salon to trim away dead ends and perhaps dye your hair just a few shades lighter that will complement your skin tone. If you aren’t sure, you can ask your hairstylist on the colour to go for (as it really does make a difference to the overall glow!).

Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous for Brides-to-be #6: …And Go Easy On Your Nails Too!

Another pointer is to generally avoid bold nail polish.Your hands will be the focal point throughout the ceremony, from signing the certificate to shaking hands and showing off the rings. Just to play it safe, we’d rather go for something pretty and feminine to match the atmosphere of the wedding gown.

For example, you can go for neutral tones, with assorted diamantes if you want a little sparkle to match your ring!

On the other hand, you should stay away from loud colours. The worst case scenario is when you opt for something bold and trendy only to cringe when you look back at your wedding photos *gasps*. Plus, it might steal the attention from your dream wedding gown, which is a big no no!

Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous for Brides-to-be #7: Wearing The Wedding Gown That Highlights Your Best Features

Everyone’s body is shaped uniquely! So, finding the perfect wedding gown to complement you can make a world of difference!

If you have broad shoulders, we recommend a wedding dress with halter neckline or toga neckline to break up the shoulder line. This can lengthen your neck by drawing the eye downwards and soften the shoulders.

For those with a longer torso (and shorter leg span), a high waist helps to mitigate that and gives the illusion of much longer legs.Otherwise, a wedding dress in an empire cut with a slim or flare skirt works too!

We highly suggest trying on at least two to three designs to see which gown better complements your fashion style. On that note, try not to overwhelm yourself by trying on too many – it’ll only be counter-productive.

Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous for Brides-to-be #8: Wearing the Wedding Gown That Lets Your Skin Glow Beautifully

White is the go-to choice for many brides-to-be, but which shade of white should you opt for?

Stark white is a beautiful contrast for darker-skinned gals. The pristine hue also stands out against a softer setting, such as an outdoor beach or candlelit garden ceremony. Be warned though, this bleached-white shade might potentially wash out lighter complexions!

Ivory lends itself very nicely to vintage-inspired wedding gowns. The soft and romantic colourway is a match made in heaven with lace wedding gowns! Best-suited for those who are fair with yellow undertones, it also accentuates the details on your gown, such as beading or embroidery.

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