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The Amazing Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous That Every Bride Wants To Keep It Hush Hush (Even From Their Best Friends)?

The Amazing Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous That Every Bride Wants To Keep It Hush Hush (Even From Their Best Friends)?

“I don’t mind looking like a waif on my wedding day!” said no bride ever.

Truthfully, not only does every bride wants to look gorgeous, they want to be seen as the most beautiful lady in the room. But how do you actually get there?

There are many amazing secrets of looking gorgeous! Some have instant results, while some take time to surface! Keep these bridal secrets up your sleeves with the following key tips!

Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous for Brides-to-be #1: Having That Super Glow On Your Skin

We all covet that gorgeous bridal radiance but for good results that aren’t too invasive, we suggest opting for quality sheet masks! Moisturising sheet masks are a universal pick-me-up and they help hydrate the skin from deep within. This is especially useful when the stress from bridal planning builds up and it takes a toll on the skin. Defaulting to a simple yet regular regime can work wonders as well, by cleansing toning and moisturising to keep the skin supple. Make it a habit to drink loads of water and a healthy diet of leafy green vegetables can improve your skin from the inside out!

Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous for Brides-to-be #2: Getting Your Eyebrows Fixed

It’s your big day and we don’t wanna take any chances. Hence, we advise getting your brows groomed by a professional. It’ll be even better if it’s your regular beautician that you trust to bring out your best eyebrow shape. You’ll immediately look more polished and look that much more sharper. P.S. we recommend having it done about a week before the wedding to avoid the redness or the appearance of unsightly bumps.

Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous for Brides-to-be #3: Nourish Your Hair For Volume And Glow

Give your hair some tender loving care by masking overnight with a leave-in mask the week leading up to the wedding. We recommend coconut oil as a firm favourite as it adds luster and volume to your hair.

Contrary to popular belief, day-old hair is the real secret to achieving a sleek updo that’ll last all day. This is especially so for those with super fine hair that doesn’t like to stay. The buildup of grease actually gives the hair some grip and volume so that the hairstylist is able to tease into shape.

Secrets Of Looking Gorgeous for Brides-to-be #4: Go Easy On The Make Up!

As a blushing bride, it might be very tempting to pile on the blush, but we advise not to go heavy-handed. The rationale is that your cheeks will be flushed all night from socialising as well as potential drinks imbibed. Else, your cheeks will look way too red, both in person and in pictures!

For enhanced definition and glow, add a subtle champagne-toned highlighter on the high points of your face such as the cheek bones, nose bridge and chin. We also advise toning down on the eyelash extensions, as long as they’re lush enough to give your eyes some definition. If all these sound too daunting for a makeup novice like yourself, consider hiring a make-up artist as they’ll know how to bring out your best features!

Stay tuned for Part Two as we share the more secrets to looking gorgeous, specifically your wedding dress! Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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