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The Battle Between Online Wedding Dress Rental Vs Brick-and-Mortar Bridal Studios: What’re The Main Differences?

The Battle Between Online Wedding Dress Rental vs Brick-and-Mortar Bridal Studios: What’re The Main Differences?

With the rise of hectic work schedules and little pockets of time, looking for convenience is no longer just an option.

This is why e commerce is rising over the years, and online wedding dress rental is not surprising! However, this is vastly different from shopping for clothes. After all, you only wear a wedding gown once, and it has to be perfect!

Between renting a wedding gown online or visiting many bridal studios, there’s nothing outright right or wrong about both options. But what’s better for you? Read to know what fares better between online wedding dress rental vendors and brick-and-mortar bridal studios!

Battle #1: Are You Always Pressed For Time Due To Work?

Find that you are always caught up at work, with no time left to find the perfect wedding gown? And even when you finally have the time to do so, your brain is too exhausted to do much.

If that’s what you’re facing, then what you need is to find the wedding gown with the quickest method! From viewing the wedding gowns at a glance, to being able to rent and receive it in a jiffy, all of these can be easily done with online wedding dress rental shops.

All you need to do is to click the wedding gown you like, put it in your cart and check out. Sometimes, there is free delivery that comes with it (though it is something you should check. Don’t quote us on that!).


Online wedding dress rental vendors wins hands down! The online sphere is created solely for brides who want to find their wedding during their free time.

Online Wedding Dress Rental Vendors: 9/10

Visiting Bridal Boutiques: 4/10

Battle #2: Do You Like To Do Things At Your Own Pace When It Comes To Your Wedding Dress Rental? 

With the big day coming along, sometimes you just want to do things at your own pace!

If convenience and comfort are what you need, then going online might be the way to go! On top of being able to view a wide range of wedding gowns at a glance, you can do it within the comforts of your home. All you need is a soft sofa, wi-fi, and a brightly lit screen to view the full details of the wedding gowns. Yays!

On the other hand, if you have always wanted to be surrounded by wedding gowns, then visiting bridal studios might be a better option. You would then be able to touch and see the wedding gowns for yourself! A word of advice? You definitely need to plan your time well to visit your shortlisted bridal studios. Given the limited time, you are most unlikely to see the entire bridal gown range within a day! What you can do to make full use of the time is to do your research on what you like in a wedding gown.


To be honest, this would be difficult to rate! Ultimately, it all boils down to your habits and lifestyle. However, we think that online wedding dress rental wins by a notch! This is simply because you can view the full wedding gown collection at your time (including at work…but don’t tell your boss we said this!)

Online Wedding Dress Rental Vendors: 8/10

Visiting Bridal Boutiques: 7/10

Battle #3: Do You Like Making Comparisons At A Glance ?

Living in a technologically advanced world magnifies the need to find information immediately. That way, you can make the most informed decision!

If you like to reign in control, then online shopping might be your alley. You can easily find information on the site, from the availability, to the prices, value, description and more. On the contrary, bridal studio usually don’t disclose too much information on their website. Because of their expertise, they usually prefer clients to come by the store over a private consultation. From there, they would recommend the packages that suit them best.


Clearly, the winner has to be online wedding dress rental vendors! Being an online shop requires openness and transparency for viewers to find the information they need. Of course, bridal studios do disclose information but not in full details.

Online Wedding Dress Rental Vendors: 9/10

Visiting Bridal Boutiques: 6/10

Battle #4: Are You Particular About Quality Of Your Wedding Dress Rental?

One pitfall of purchasing or preordering online is that you’re unable to assess the quality of the wedding gown. Photos are a good gauge, but it’s near impossible to guess the quality of the materials without running your fingers over the texture or feeling the heft of the cloth in your hands.

As with big-ticket purchases, the devil is in the details — the haberdashery, the quality of the inner layers, how the lace panels line up against each other. These minute details are the differentiating factor between a budget-looking gown and one that looks beyond your budget.


Bridal boutiques will be up your alley if quality is what you’re looking for. Being able to see the wedding gown in person would matter most to you!

On the other hand, you can only see how the wedding gown looks on the model via online means. This might leave a sense of discomfort. What if the wedding dress looks entirely different in person? Moreover, what can you do if the wedding gown isn’t what you really want? In such cases, it is a good practice to know how online shops function, such as their return policy.

Online Wedding Dress Rental Vendors: 5/10

Visiting Bridal Boutiques: 9/10


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