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The Benefits Of Intimate Weddings

The Benefits of Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings are the opposite of those extravagant receptions that are popularly associated with matrimony. The truth is, a smaller event can still deliver tons of magical moments. As the term might suggest, intimate weddings bring people closer. It is the type of celebration limited to beloved family members and the closest of peers. And no, it’s not a matter of lower costs (an intimate wedding can be exorbitant too!). We shall look at some of the wonderful benefits of an intimate wedding.  

Benefits of Intimate Weddings #1: Impactful Invitations

The guests at an intimate wedding are the Crème de la crème of your social network. By suggesting how personal the event is in your invitation, you’ll have each guest feeling honoured and special. This means that they’ll be attending your wedding with the best mood, which improves the overall celebration. In other words, they’re likely to accept the invitation and make time for it if they’re busy.  

In a way, you’re showing how much you care about these people to have them make it to your exclusive list. Remember, an intimate wedding is small-scale so every sentiment and emotion is easily detected. Such RSVPs will create positive vibes to match the joy represented with your wedding gown

Benefits of Intimate Weddings #2: Greater Personalisation

Prep work can be overwhelming for huge wedding celebrations and it is best to have your wedding planner or your bridal advisors to handle it. But intimate weddings offer you the chance to get creative. You’d probably do good with a bit of help since it is a small-scale wedding.

DIY decorations, small photoshoots, even a banquet of home-cooked food, are interesting ways to add a unique touch to your wedding. You certainly won’t be able to provide the same level of personalisation for an entire ballroom of guests. Take the opportunity to provide something special from the person behind the wedding gown. Wedding favors in the form of handmade origami craft perhaps?

Benefits of Intimate Weddings #3: Reduced Stress

There is the perennial bridal question: “How do I look?”


While brides are likely to appear breathtaking in their wedding gowns, stress will definitely affect the whole getup. A bride who is pacing frantically with a frown on her face is not enviable. And the larger the celebration, the more people to please, the larger the budget, and yes, it gets heaps more stressful. 


Avoid additional stress by reducing the blast radius – have an intimate wedding! You’ll have more time to mingle with every guest to ensure they’re all comfortable. When they are at ease, so will you. Anyway, the ones attending your wedding are the closest of relations, so no sweat! They know you inside out and expectations are left at the door. Keep calm and marry, you will look stunning!




Weddings come in all forms. Some brides prefer the whole kit and caboodle but a simple affair has its own priceless appeal. Before you commit to a large-scale celebration, consider your inner feelings. Are you a private individual or someone who enjoys being at the center of a party? Trust your instincts and stay true to yourself. That is the recipe for looking and feeling fantastic on your big day. 


Look for your bridal boutique to seek advice. If you are not engaged with a boutique, do not worry, La Belle is offering everyone a free wedding consultation. So no sweat! Feel free to make an appointment with us with no obligations!


We hope our brides and their families are doing well during this period. We wish them the best as we advance towards a brighter tomorrow. Let’s continue to be inspired in fulfilling dream weddings because our brides deserve nothing short of perfection. 

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