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The Fundamentals Of Sustainable Weddings

The Fundamentals of Sustainable Weddings

By Laurenzo Overee

Sustainable weddings are all the rage these days. But what does it mean? Does it have to be an outdoor affair? What if it rains? There are probably 101 questions in your mind when you consider a sustainable big day. 

La Belle provides a list of the most common considerations to help you hold the most splendid occasion that will make your mother, mother-in-law, and mama nature proud.

Sustainable Weddings Factor #1 – Select a Meaningful Venue

It’s tempting to go with an outdoor venue filled with trees, ferns, and flowers – but sustainable weddings transcend those things. Instead, go with a venue that echoes sustainability – such as the Singapore Zoological Gardens (they champion various causes). The Zoo’s Forest Lodge, nestled at the heart of the popular attraction, provides excellent wedding photography opportunities.

If you decide on an outdoor venue, always remember to prepare an indoor alternative, brollies, or ponchos in case of bad weather. 

Alternatively, you might pick a spot of significance – perhaps a place where you made your pledge to save the environment. If so, it’s a brilliant point to share when you address your guests.

Sustainable Weddings Factor #2 – Say No to Single-Use Plastics

Pollution remains a massive societal concern, especially the single-use plastic problem that flood our landfills and waterways and harm ocean life. You can do your part in saving the planet by avoiding single-use plastics for your wedding. These include cutleries and bags for your wedding favors.

Instead, opt for sustainable materials such as bamboo that multiply without taking a toll on our forests. Consider adding some informative messages at the reception or banquet tables to raise awareness of your efforts.

Sustainable Weddings Factor #3 – Arrange for some Proceeds

You can take your sustainable wedding campaign a step further by allocating a portion of your guests’ contributions to a cause of your choice. Remember to add a note on the reception gift box or wedding invitation to inform guests of their contributions. 

Why not provide each contributing guest with a customized badge (e.g., with printed slogans like “hero of the environment”) for good measure? 

A wedding by itself is already a momentous occasion – imagine how much greater it would be to involve your guests in a noble cause!

Sustainable Weddings Factor #4 – Use Expression

Artistic expression and symbolism play considerable roles in any campaign. They help put things into perspective – creating a more poignant impact. The same approach should apply to a sustainable wedding.

You can create a pronounced effect by incorporating visual elements of nature in your banquet setup and wedding gown design. Consider floral patterns, muted colours, and raw textures for a gritty and understated appearance. Essentially, you should aim for a layout representing the world in its pure state, unspoiled by humans. 




If you seek additional inspiration in preparing a sustainable wedding, remember that the La Belle team is always here to assist you with achieving your goals. We got you covered, from selecting the ideal wedding gown for the eco-warrior bride to setting the stage for your green love affair. Don’t forget to plant a tree after the ceremony!

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