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The Good & Bad Of CNY Weddings – How Will You See Red?

The Good & Bad of CNY Weddings – How Will You See Red?

Chinese New Year weddings (a.k.a CNY weddings), love them or not, are bound to paint the town red. When we think of CNY, we always think of the common customs. This includes wearing red (again), receiving red packets (if you aren’t married yet!), exchanging mandarins and basically feasting on delicious food!

There are pros and cons for tying the knot during the lunar new year (quite like getting married on New Year’s Eve). We share two reasons why it’s a wonderful idea and two reasons why you might reconsider. Either way, CNY weddings will make your big day grander than it’s already going to be!

CNY Weddings- The Good #1: Guests Are More Generous

What goes around comes around – and Chinese customs are strong on that. Wedding guests during the CNY period are likely to be more generous in wedding gifts and ahem, red packets. During the auspicious period, it is widely believed that the more you give, the more prosperous you’ll get. 

Brides who own the stage with red wedding gowns might win even more favors since the colour is traditionally associated with good fortune. 

CNY Weddings – The Good #2: Unique Floral Options

Flowers can really brighten up your wedding dinner and reception. And during the CNY period, brides have the unique opportunity to display plants that only bloom during this special season.

We’re talking peonies, peach blossoms, azaleas, or even mini kumquat trees! (don’t be shy, go full CNY mode) They’re pleasing to look at while symbolising wealth and happiness. This will make your celebration more meaningful for traditional elders in attendance, who will shower you with blessings.

Why not consider a pretty floral-inspired wedding gown to complement the theme? 

CNY Weddings – The Bad #1: Venue & Vendor Concerns

CNY is widely celebrated in Singapore. Most popular wedding venues might be booked out super duper fast. Additionally, you might have to pay a surcharge during this period as some restaurants and hotels charge more for public holidays (this may also apply to auspicious dates as divined by fortune tellers – so do check!).

Also, vendors may be fully occupied either with a large pool of clients or personal celebrations. This applies to photographers and videographers. Tally schedules and plan way ahead to avoid last minute panic attacks. 

CNY Weddings – The Bad #2: Where are the Guests?!

Although we suggested that guests were going to be more generous – you must first ensure that they’re going to be present! The CNY period is a busy period, with reunion dinners, and such. Some guests may have other plans set in stone and yes, they may choose to forgo your wedding. 


It would be really disappointing if you ended up with many empty seats during your wedding banquet. All the preparations would have been in vain! Also, you probably paid good money for wedding photography to capture the joy of your guests. 


Arrange RSVPs way ahead and avoid CNY days (there are 15 in all) of great significance to prevent schedule clashes. 




CNY is just around the corner and we wish our brides all the best in their preparations. Although marriage comes with changes that needs getting used to (such as the role-reversal of giving ang baos…sigh), we trust it’s going to be a fulfilling journey.  


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