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The Pros And Cons Of Wedding Veils

The Pros and Cons of Wedding Veils

Veils have been linked to wedding gowns for as long as anyone can remember. Your mother probably wore it on her big day, your grandma too, and so on. But as with all things fashion, the designs of wedding veils are shifting. Some modern brides have even decided to abandon the concept of veils altogether – opting for a more playful and carefree look.

However, the veil has withstood the test of time for a good reason. It is mesmeric and features a distinct appearance that will have people admiring you from afar. We’ll also be looking at some pretty good reasons why the veil might not be the right fit for you. 

Pros of Wedding Veils #1: Enhances Wedding Gowns

Just like how shoes complete a casual outfit, veils provide the finishing touches to a wedding gown. We grew up picturing brides with veils as they walk confidently down the aisle. There might be something “off” about a bride without her iconic headwear. It just doesn’t click – and guests are probably going to feel the same way.


Additionally, the length of your veil can complement the silhouette of your gown. For example, a chapel length veil can add elegance to a ravishing ballgown. Similarly, a birdcage veil glamorises a vintage sheath wedding gown. 

Pros of Wedding Veils #2: Invokes Tradition

Regardless of how far weddings have come, they’re still a part of an ongoing tradition. A veil is a major symbol of purity, grace, and connubial bliss that transcends generations. Brides who don the veil are more likely to form a greater connection with the deeper essence of weddings and the mood of brides who came before them. 


Your mother will be instantly transported back to her own big occasion when she sees you behind a stunning veil. The symbolism truly enhances the celebratory mood for everyone in attendance and makes the whole affair much more memorable.   


A timeless piece of accessory for all.

 Cons of Wedding Veils #1: Excess Formality

While some brides enjoy basking in the whole wedding shebang, others prefer a minimalist, private and casual event. A veil might prove to be too formal for brides who are looking forward to a simple occasion where they can let their hair down (figuratively and literally). 


More conventional relatives and friends might encourage the use of a veil but it really is entirely optional. And not to fret, there are many modern wedding gown designs that look spectacular on their own. The most important thing is for brides to be at ease with themselves and to have the type of celebration they desire. 


Cons of Wedding Veils #2: Steals Attention

We weren’t kidding when we said that veils are real attention-grabbers. Think about it – They’re breathtaking fashion statements that enshroud blushing brides with allure. While this sounds perfect, it could backfire if you’ve invested great effort in dolling up or selecting the perfect wedding outfit.  


A veil might overwhelm your entire look and conceal intricate details on your wedding gown. These are major points to note especially when you’re snapping photos with your guests. Don’t let your veil hog the spotlight, you’re the star!


Alternatively, try different gowns, makeup or hairstyle to have the compliment the whole look.




To veil or not to veil, that is the question. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong. It really depends on the style of your gown and the type of celebration that you intend to hold. Veils can be a real hindrance in countries with strong seasonal winds, as the fabric makes a mess out of your hair when it is blown out of place. Quite nightmarish really. But this is not a big problem in Singapore where most wedding venues are indoors and air-conditioned. 


La Belle Couture wishes our brides and their families all the best in keeping themselves safe and inspired!



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