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The Top 4 Regrets That Graduated Couples Wished They Didn’t Go Through

The Top 4 Regrets That Graduated Couples Wished They Didn’t Go Through

Admit it, you want your wedding to be the most joyous occasion that is never short of laughter and bright smiles.

Eyes will start to tear up as you exchange your touching vows. It would be better if they cried as if they are pouring their hearts out , because it only means your wedding is so spectacular that it tug their heartstrings…pretty violently. Scary, but ideal, don’t you think? 😉

Although everybody (well, almost) is dressed to the nines, they are ready to gorge themselves with the delicious cuisine. There will be the clinking of glasses as everybody toast to the union of both of you

Most importantly, you are genuinely elated upon this sight and excited to watch your wedding day unfold.

Sounds great right? But you must be thinking of how to achieve that? You are fearful of how your wedding is like, and how you are going to feel throughout the wedding and the months of preparation beforehand.

The truth is, your wedding day can rapidly turn into doomsday…and you will undoubtedly regret that.

Unless you find joy in being angry (which in this case, we highly recommend going for therapy or a stress ball), then lets go through the 5 regrets that brides went through. At the end of this post, you must pinky swear to not commit the same mistakes. Got it? Okay, lets go!

Regret #1 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) everything

 This is the number one regret amongst couples who organised the wedding on their own or with a few friends, doing everything, and we really mean everything, from scratch. This includes wedding favours, finding the suitable vendors and planning out the whole schedule.

Yes, you do save a lot of money through DIY. But do you really…save that much?

Think about it. Even though you pay a small amount for materials and so forth, you are essentially spend a whole lot of time on your wedding. Every single day will be stressful, since you are solely responsible for the outcome of your wedding since you know, DIY.

You will go to bed feeling extremely exhausted, but it becomes increasingly difficult to sleep. Why? Your mind will be so preoccupied with your wedding preparation! You feel that something is amiss and something could go wrong, and before you know it, you will be experiencing a mental breakdown.

Instead of shouldering the burden, you can try to seek for expert help. Remember, help is always available; it is whether you trust them with your wedding.

Of course the help comes with a price tag, but you are guaranteed good results! Why waste all the tears, time and effort doing what others can do, especially when it is their profession?

You can refer to our article here to know how wedding planning is like! Or you can refer to their website to know about their services. Don’t say we never suggest ah!

Regret #2 Not Being Spontaneous Enough During The Pre-Wedding Photography

Pictures are tangible forms of love, and of course, you don’t want your photos to be typical. However, what stops brides from having an amazing pre-wedding photography is the idea of being photographed!

Truth be told, it takes a lot of confidence (and may we add, a slight narcism) to take those spontaneous oh-so-natural shots, like how models look effortlessly happy as they sip on their milkshake or they gaze away. And trust us, it is completely normal to feel very self conscious (including models!) to be in front of a camera and pose naturally.

However, what brides regret is when they become so nervous that it shows in their photos. What makes it worst is that there’s completely nothing they can do to change about it, except to feel horrible about the outcome.

There is no immediate way to remedy the lack of confidence, and it takes a while to achieve that. Therefore, it is important to hire a photographer who is able to make you relax during your pre-wedding photography and try all ways to ensure that you don’t feel tensed.

If you want to find out how you can achieve a smoother pre-wedding photography, here’re some articles we suggest you to read:


Regret #3 Not Wearing The Gown They Feel The Most Confident In

This regret is more applicable to brides. As a bride, you are entitled the right to look the best on your special day. Every other woman in the room, young or old, must be second to you. That includes your mum and your bridesmaid.

As brides, it is normal to not have a concrete idea of what kind of gown you should go for. You have zero idea what gowns accentuate your assets and the factors (e.g suitable necklines and etc) to consider when you finalise the choice of your wedding gown!

You might also be tempted to include their groom, peers and parents into the equation, when it comes to choosing the gowns. However, when there are too many voices, it hinders you from deciding on the perfect gown. In fact, you are more likely to abide their requests out of respect and before you know it, you end up wearing a gown that you don’t feel as confident in, or rather, you feel that you could have chosen something better.

Often or not, your opinion is what matters the most! After all, you are the one who’s wearing the gown, not them. But that’s easier said than done, because rejecting somebody’s opinion is as good as smacking them with an ice block.

Therefore, it is recommended that you only bring ONE person along when you are selecting your gowns. Also, your bridal consultant should be an expert when it comes to understanding your insecurities and suggesting gowns that will only evolve you into a phenomenon that no guest will ever forget.

For more details, here’re some articles that may help you in choosing the right gown!

Regret #4 Too Busy Trying To Please Everybody

In Asian culture, it is a norm to entertain everybody to ensure that they have a good time! Therefore, the bride and the groom become very so occupied with entertaining everybody, engaging in small snippets of chatter with guests of a table, and then hastily cutting short the conversation to proceed to the next table.

Hence, couples tend forget to have fun themselves! And by the end of the day, all they can remember is doing a lot of walking, squeezing through gaps between the tables and ensuring that everybody is enjoying themselves! Not a great memory for any wedding right?

Here’s a piece of advice: Do yourself a favour and don’t be overly concerned about your guest’s experience. Your guests are likely to be creative enough to find something to amuse themselves. Besides, witnessing the both of you entering into the next phase should suffice!


How do you think about the regrets of graduated couples? If you think they are true, then share it with other couples of 2016 and 2017!

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