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The Top 8 Wedding-Related Questions Almost Every Singaporean Bride Has!

The Top 8 Wedding-Related Questions Almost Every Singaporean Bride Has!

Weddings are a beautiful moments that one should never forget. But behind all that jazz lies a journey of many milestones, with, of course, many questions as well! After years of experience, we have gathered the top 8 burning questions most brides have and how you can better resolve them

#1 Wedding-Related Question: Will I Be Able To Look Slimmer In My Wedding Gown Without Doing Much?

The reason why you are asking this is because you don’t have the time to exercise…and even if you do have the time, you find that the sofa and bed is far more attractive than your pair of sports shoes.

You must be wondering, how on earth did we understand what is going on in your mind? Well, because 90% of our brides always ask this question. Sometimes they swear to always skip meals and binge on vegetables to lose that flab. While that is an option that many embark on (but fail to maintain. Who can say no to prata for supper?), there are a few ways to achieve a slender appearance without doing much!

The first thing to do is to always choose a wedding gown that fits you, in terms of proportions and figure. For example, if you are a pear-shaped bride with very pronounced hips, then it is best to go for a wedding gown in a ball gown cut as the attention will be fully on your minuscule waist. Also, if you have a shorter torso, then always go for wedding gowns that have an elongating effect, such as a wedding gown with drop waist details.

Also, the right neckline can make a bride look slimmer. A V neckline and sweet heart neckline are ideal to create an illusion of a slender neckline, while tricky necklines, such as the boat neckline and mandarin collar can make a bride look more bloated.

Another weapon that has never failed a bride to appear slimmer is wearing a pair of heels! Lets put it this way. When you wear a pair of heels, you would naturally stand with your chest out and maintain a better posture, which in turn makes you look 5kg lighter as the rolls on your body are more evenly stretched out (as opposed to slouching).

Besides, if you do continue to slouch while walking in your heels, you might find yourself losing your balance, wobble and/or trip on your face. And that should be left for your private view right? Unless you want to include your groom, which would be odd but #lovewins.

#2 Wedding-Related Question: I Really Like This Wedding Gown But I Am Afraid It Might Not Fit Me?

Wedding gowns are always but there is one thing you should note: No matter how beautiful a wedding gown is, it will never be beautiful if it doesn’t fit you the right way.

You might be thinking if we are referring to the mere fit of the wedding gown. It is true that the fit of the wedding gown makes a difference to how you would look. If the wedding gown is too big, you would definitely look nothing like a goddess, but a potato couch. If the wedding gown is too small, you might find the bodice squeezing the air out of your lungs and before you know it, you are literally squirming on the ground because you are unable to move (insert an upside turtle).

The fit of the wedding gown also refers to whether it emphasises the assets you are most proud of. For example, if you are well endowed and are reasonably proud of them, then you should choose a lower neckline to reveal that cleavage (and make your groom spurt a fountain of blood through his nose). If you have that pair of endless legs, then choose a wedding gown with a high slit. That way, you can show off your legs as you walk down the aisle and tease your wedding guests with a few glimpses.

Lastly the fit of the wedding gown starts with choosing the wedding gown that complements your style! A wedding gown can be exquisite, but if it doesn’t bode well with your usual style, you would probably look out of place. For example, if you are a very adventurous bride who dares to reveal a little more skin, then it wouldn’t make much sense to choose a wedding gown with long sleeves! Likewise, if you are a princess at heart, then wearing a wedding gown in a glamourous design wouldn’t look suitable. Just like clothes, a wedding gown should represent your style and if it doesn’t, two things would happen:

  1. The wedding gown would be wearing you, not the other way round.
  2. You would probably feel that there is something amiss with the wedding gown but you have no idea why.

Style and personality go hand in hand together, and if you don’t feel yourself in a wedding gown, you would most likely not feel confident on your wedding day.

Most importantly, you should always have an open mind when it comes to wedding gowns. What you like may not look the best on you! Listen to bridal experts’ advice and you might find yourself surprised at how you look like in a wedding gown that you thought might look horrible.

#3 Wedding-Related Question: Should I Invite XX or YY To The Wedding?

If you are in this dilemma, it is because your mum/dad has been nagging at you to invite a certain relative that you don’t really like. The main reason is how that relative is related to this relative, and that relative would be unhappy (a.k.a make noise) when they chance upon photos of this relative at your wedding.

Although blood is thicker than water, but it does not mean that you are chummy with everyone! There are certain relatives who you only meet once a year during Chinese New Year. In fact, you might not even know how to address them! That’s why you are struggling to decide on whether you should including them in your wedding list. After all, a wedding is to be celebrated among people who are genuinely happy for you, and it feels a little pointless to invite somebody whose primary purpose of being at the wedding is to show face and eat the food!

If you are very particular about the wedding guest list, it is recommended to share these concerns with your partner and then figure a way out on how to share this with your parents. Although you might be tempted to do what you want to (a.k.a not invite that snobbish auntie of yours), but often or not it is best to let your parents understand your point of view before you do anything rash. After all, they are the ones who want what is best for your wedding and it isn’t right to dismiss them. Otherwise, things will only get ugly and there won’t be a single trace of happiness on their faces. And that is the last thing you want to see on your wedding, especially for the fact that you are married off!

#4 Then Should I invite my ex to my wedding?

This is…a very tricky question.

If your ex is part of your clique, chances are it is a teeny bit difficult to not invite him to your wedding. If you have gotten your closure from the break up, then you will most likely to be okay when you see him at your wedding. On the other hand, if the relationship ended on a bad note, then it would be a lot more difficult to invite him to your wedding without feeling that pinch in your heart! That’s especially if he has hurt you big time.

…Unless you are genuinely happy with your current beau, and you know that you have progressed into a much better relationship, then you can consider inviting your ex. You should only invite your ex if you are able to look at him in the eye, and not have the urge of running to the nearest toilet cubicle.

Besides, it would be fun to see that look on his face when he sees how beautiful you are in your wedding gown! It might seem spiteful but hey, it is his loss and it is only right to show why he was so stupid to have let you go.

#5 Wedding-Related Question: How Many Bridesmaids Should I Have And Who Should I Invite To Be My Bridesmaid?

It is best to cap the number of bridesmaid between 5 to 7. Anything more than that will be a crowd too big to handle (plus, you can avoid the b**ch fights). Also, your bridesmaid should be somebody who is able to conceptualise, have an organised mind and knows how to counter unexpected problems. If your bridesmaid is the kind of friend who whines at trivial matters, isn’t open to suggestions and screams at anyone who goes against her will, then all we can say is good luck.

Wait, you probably need more than just luck to tide through this.

#6 Wedding-Related Question: What Should My Bridesmaid Wear To Not Overshadow Me?

Although this question is rarely publicly asked, but it is true that most brides have the worry about being overshadowed by her bridesmaids. After all, the wedding is all about her (and the love between the couple, of course!) and it wouldn’t be right if the attention is solely on the bridesmaids. Scratch that; it shouldn’t happen!

You might feel a little evil for wanting your bridesmaids to look less beautiful but…imagine being told that the bridesmaid looked beautiful? Well that’s just offensive, don’t you think?

One way to resolve this is to inform your bridesmaid on what to purchase and what not to for their bridesmaid dress. You can give them examples so that they won’t steer off in a completely different direction. By instructing them, you are most likely not witness one of your bridesmaid wearing a white bridal gown (it might get worse when she admits that it is actually a wedding gown). There have been cases when bridesmaids wore something a little too glamourous and the only outcome was nothing but sour. Before that happens, take action and pan out clear instructions on what your bridesmaids shouldn’t cross.

Another way to resolve this is to just pick the bridesmaid dress! While this is more effective, most bridesmaids may not fancy the idea of wearing a dress they didn’t picked. So it is best to discuss with them on their preferences and choose the design that is acceptable by the majority.

#7 Wedding-Related Question: Is It A Taboo To Get Married During The Seventh Month? 

Honestly, this is a very subjective question. But we have had weddings that occurred during Hungry Ghost Festival. So far, they are surviving well.

#8 Wedding-Related Question: Am I Going To Plan The Wedding Alone? Is My Groom Ever Going To Participate?

If you ever had the question popping up, you probably must heard of some horror story when the bride had to do everything on her own (for example, choosing her wedding gown) while her groom stare into blank space.

It is quite common that grooms take the backseat when it comes to weddings. But is it true that grooms don’t care about the wedding?

After asking a few of our grooms, it is clear that grooms don’t mind getting their hands dirty…figuratively. In fact, one of our grooms mentioned that the wedding is theirs, not just the bride’s, so it doesn’t make sense to leave the burden of a wedding on her shoulders. However, most grooms want to participate in aspects of the wedding that they feel they are of most use! Unfortunately, wedding gowns are not within their comfort zone.

One commonly mentioned argument is how grooms don’t know how to differentiate one wedding gown to another, nor are they offer advice on which wedding gown to rent. While this can be a little frustrating (we see you brides nodding your heads!), but don’t be so hard on your groom! Instead of bringing him along (and feeling angry when you see him dozing off), bring a relative or friend who is able to dish out good advice.

Note that this isn’t his fault, neither it isn’t some stereotypical characteristic. Think about it. Just as how your knowledge on wedding gowns is a lot more higher, you might not know the difference between a soccer team from another!

The bottom line is to always communicate with your groom and split responsibilities according to each other capabilities. Don’t set yourself down a disappointing road when you are aware that he isn’t able to differentiate this lace wedding dress and that chiffon wedding gown!



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