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Thematic Wedding Moodboard: Romantic

Thematic Wedding Moodboard: Romantic

A thematic wedding makes it easier to plan an unforgettable event. The elements get sorted into easily managed checklists that lead to a breathtaking experience. Few themes match up to the romantic mood board when it comes down to an intimate celebration of love. 

With a romantic wedding, brides can expect an event filled with fluttering hearts. The atmosphere becomes shrouded with an indescribable aura of bliss. Your guests will find it all very appealing and dreamy. It is almost as if they’ll hear Pachelbel’s Canon in D major emanate from every corner of your wedding venue. 

To sum it up, when you think of weddings, you’re probably contemplating the romantic mood board. But be careful, execution is everything, and poor planning could result in a sappy occasion. Let’s avoid that, shall we? 

Thematic Wedding: Romantic – The Basics

Colour choice is vital in setting the right romantic ambiance. Choose from among soft and traditionally feminine hues – like lilac, pink, rouge, peach, and off-white. These colours go gentle on the eyes and represent the delicate yet powerful nature of love itself. 

As for decor, go for a sweet and slightly ethereal style. When in doubt, consult French lookbooks (they’re somewhat pioneers of romantic designs) but avoid anything overly lavish or flamboyant (AKA Palace of Versailles). Choose lovely stylised wedding calligraphy for your wedding invitation. Andalusia and Rosalinda scripts are ideal for romantic wordings. These will enamour your guests from the moment they lay eyes on your card. 

There’s no standard rule for romantic wedding designs – just aim to make hearts melt! 

Thematic Wedding: Romantic – Venue 

Romance exists everywhere, so indoor and outdoor settings would work equally well. For indoor affairs, consider rose gold or chiffon draperies, cushions, and chair covers. Also, carefully positioned bloom centerpieces (preferably in white and pink mixes) will provide a gorgeous touch to the tablescape. Couples may also consider adding ornate candlesticks and mirrors that give a splash of the Rococo style that’s classy and slightly elaborate (keyword: slightly). 

Rose gold glitter fabric looks amazing as linen and runners, exuding an eye-catching effect. They’ll mesmerise every guest in attendance with their shimmery facade, like magical dust. For romantic indoor weddings, W Singapore and 1 V: U Outpost hotel offer delightful banquet halls with scenic views.

Outdoor romantic weddings should include a beautiful floral arch for gram-worthy wedding photography. And why not consider a pristine white runner carpet that leads up to the spot where you exchange “I Dos”? If you’re searching for an outdoor venue, the Monti @ Fullerton Pavilion provides the ideal backdrop for a charming tableau. 

Thematic Wedding: Romantic – The Look

Ballgown and A-line silhouettes are top choices for a romantic event. Opt for a wedding gown design that accentuates your natural feminine curves while radiating elegance and glamor. Corset bodices, glistening illusion elements, and lace-detailed skirts are effective ways to spruce up a romantic look.

Grooms may consider sleek suits in dark shades, creating a brilliant contrast with the bride’s fair ensemble. Navy, black, and maroon are popular colours to consider. Your partner will bring out the debonair prince you’ve always seen in him. Look good and feel great together! 




Romantic weddings are indeed one for the ages. You and your partner will delight in the sheer bliss of matrimony surrounded by captivated guests. If you’re interested in holding a romantic wedding but find yourself clueless, don’t fret, we got your back! 

La Belle Couture provides couples with a guided approach toward fulfilling the most spectacular wedding themes. Our dedicated planners have the expertise to cover wedding gowns, photography, style, and more. Reach out to us, and we’ll enhance your wedding experience in the best way you see fit. 

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