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Thematic Wedding Moodboard: Whimsical

Thematic Wedding Moodboard: Whimsical

When it comes down to a thematic wedding, brides find themselves spoilt for choice. From bohemian to traditional settings, every wedding theme promises a unique experience for the blissful couple. 

LaBelle visits extraordinary whimsical weddings, known as a rustic event with a fantastical twist. If you ever read Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. The enchantment of whimsical weddings begins with your invitation, so plan well to amaze with wordplay and enticing vignettes. 

Whimsical Thematic Wedding Tip #I: Use Magical Decor

When you think of whimsical weddings, you should find yourself teleported to a fabled garden or within dreamy woods. Faeries, blossoms, and butterflies influence the lovely ambiance. Flower designs lend a soft touch to the overall theme. Consider incorporating floral designs to wedding gowns, invitation cards, tableware, and more. The soft and gentle appearance will enhance the romance in the air. 

Whimsical Thematic Wedding Tip #2: Plan an Outdoor Affair  

Whimsical weddings thrive in outdoor settings where couples can enjoy fine wedding photography with natural lighting. Think the mad hatter’s tea party without the craziness- (Yes, Alice in Wonderland is a gold standard for whimsical affairs).

For a truly inspiring event, pick out colourful pastries and fruits to adorn your banquet table. The botanical gardens serves as an ideal venue for whimsical weddings, with its verdant lawns and eye-catching flora. Let’s not forget the tranquil swan lake that provides the perfect backdrop for some delightful wedding album poses!

Whimsical Thematic Wedding Tip #3: Joy is Key

While every wedding should emphasise bliss and happiness, this is more so in whimsical affairs. So when it comes down to the colour palette, pick hues that spark joy. Some popular choices include pink, purple, and orange.

If you want less attention, opt for pastel variations. The most important thing is to feel a genuine sense of joy and satisfaction when you view the entire layout. 

Whimsical Thematic Wedding Tip #4: Go Natural 

Outdoor Whimsical weddings enable couples to work with natural environments. The process can significantly reduce expenditure. For example, you may use trees as decorative pillars and logs as benches. Similarly, your hair and make-up should accentuate your natural appearance, going easy on the foundation with light hues that complement your skin tone. A simple updo or braids topped with a floral or leafy crown can instantly bring out the fairytale princess in you.  

Add floral wreaths to the backrest of chairs, scatter flower petals around the aisle, select bold blossoms as banquet centerpieces – there are endless possibilities. Get creative and commune with Mother Nature for the best results!

Whimsical Thematic Wedding Tip#5: Fun Times 



The term “whimsical” suggests something fun and unusual. To live up to the description, add side games such as croquet or lawn bowling to your wedding reception. Lawn activities encourage guests to mingle, let their hair down, and soak in a memorable atmosphere.




Regardless of your preferred wedding theme, La Belle is here to help you make the ideal selection. We make it a tireless goal to bring smiles to our brides’ faces as they look mesmeric in the perfect wedding gown.


For more information, you can check out La Belle’s Wedding thematic mood board video here!


The video will show you what decors, elements, wedding gowns, and more to execute this themed wedding! 


2020 has been a bumpy ride, and we look forward to a better year ahead. No matter the situation, we are always here for you to materialise your dream wedding. Don’t stop believing in fairytales, because you might just find yourself in one!

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