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Thematic Wedding: Vibrant Tropical

Thematic Wedding: Vibrant Tropical

A thematic wedding adds flavour to your reception. It’s a fact. But a Vibrant Tropical wedding takes it to a whole other level. It’s like the pina colada of weddings – sweet, exotic, and totally zesty. In fact, a sultry island like Singapore is ideal for a vibrant tropical celebration. Lucky us! La Belle Couture looks at how you can hold a truly lively event with some key details.   

Vibrant Tropical Thematic Wedding: Core Elements 

When you think of the concept “vibrant tropical,” bright and natural hues, usually come to mind. So colours like pink, fuchsia, orange, peach, leaf green, and yellow are top choices. You’ll want to create an inviting scene that depicts an unspoiled tropical paradise – like the ones portrayed in Disney’s Moana (an animated film about a brave islander girl). 

On that note, vibrant tropical weddings work best in an outdoor setting where the air is fresh, and nature usually lends a hand to the authenticity. However, always remember to have a backup indoor venue in case of inclement weather. If you decide to go ahead with an indoor affair, no problem! Tons of decorative pieces can help you recreate the tropical vibes. Popular selections include palm leaf centerpieces and floral arches adorned with tropical blooms. 

Vibrant Tropical Thematic Wedding: Venue 

There’s a surprising number of breathtaking tropical venues (wedding photography alert!) on our urban island. The Summerhouse, Botanico@ The Garage, and Wheeler’s Estate are just some examples that serve as stunning backdrops for your vibrant affair. A juice station is a must-have at your banquet, preferably stocked with fresh pink guava and coconut juices (because they’re super tasty and refreshing). 

Apply botanical-themed fonts (stylised with vines and floral patterns) and visuals to your menu and guest place cards to enhance the experience. And of course, the same goes for your wedding invitations in setting the stage for your immersive event!

Vibrant Tropical Thematic Weddings: The Look 

As with any nature-inspired look, vibrant tropical wedding gowns should come in lightweight designs. Choose an outfit that facilitates easy movement with minimal fabric, which keeps you cool while under the sun. Off-the-shoulder or sleeveless gowns work best, so you can go about the event without feeling hot and bothered. La Belle Couture’s Bloomingdale collection offers a wide selection of stunning dresses that suit the occasion while providing seamless comfort. 

Go easy on make-up and hair with a style that touches up your natural appearance. The classic updo or fishtail braids will immediately add chic and glamor to your bridal look. 

Your partner may consider greeting the crowd with charming three-piece designs in darker tones that offer a delightful contrast to your pristine appearance. If he is feeling particularly expressive, we recommend a floral tux that taps on the vibrant energies of the tropics. The both of you will floor every guest in attendance, radiating with bliss and style amidst an unforgettable affair.  




The vibrant tropical style is ultimately a relaxing theme open to interpretation. Some brides may prefer a generous amount of ornamental blooms and stunning tablescape. Others prefer simple organic decor with splashes of colour, and letting their wedding gowns do most of the talking. Regardless of your take, the La Belle team is always here to help you realise your wedding vision. Reach out to us, and we’ll make it a reality!


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