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Thematic Weddings Moodboard: Elegant

Thematic Weddings Moodboard: Elegant

Not all that glitters is gold, but it might very well be the case in elegant thematic weddings. Some brides may have contemplated an aristocratic lifestyle at some point in their lives. Ah yes, entertaining the thought of strolling in her private manicured gardens or lavish corridor surrounded by classical art.

While it is near impossible to realise such majestic fineness on an urban island like Singapore, an elegant wedding is close to the real deal. Elegant weddings are possibly the most luxurious themes available. Just picture a grand collage of the most polished elements that create a charming display of affluence and romantic bliss. And that’s just a glimpse of an elegant wedding.   

Elegant Thematic Weddings Tip #1 – The Elements 

Naturally, a refined, elegant wedding would involve classy colours like champagne, pink, silver, gold, copper, and bronze. Floral installations and arrangements will add a delicate feminine touch that enhances the romantic atmosphere. Go with soft and silky runners and linen that provide a luxurious cover for your tablescape and match them with similar chair cover and cushion designs. You’ll want your guests to dine and enjoy the event in unparalleled comfort.

Gold foil cakes have become increasingly popular in recent times, and we can’t think of a more symbolic display worthy of an elegant union. Personalised wedding favors like monogrammed stationery will make each guest feel esteemed and appreciated.     

Remember to leave a priceless first impression with acrylic wedding invitations complete with stylistic calligraphy. And if you’re up for an extra dose of luxury, add a personalized wax seal (ideally a combination of the wedded couple’s initials) to your envelopes. 

Elegant Thematic Weddings Tip #2 – The Venue

Elegant thematic weddings deserve the most lavishly romantic venues. Some of the popular choices include Mandarin Oriental, Andaz Singapore, and of course, Chijmes, a timeless place renowned for the most breathtaking weddings.

You don’t need to invest in an extravagant setup to enjoy awe-inspiring wedding photography. These places are spectacular as they are! But if you want a look at how amazing it can get, just watch the incredible wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians for some inspo – hint: water-filled aisle.

Elegant Thematic Weddings Tip #3 – The Look 

Elegant brides know how to carry themselves effortlessly. We’re talking about exquisite ball gowns and A-line silhouettes with off-the-shoulder designs. Ideally, select a design with just the right amount of fabric to accentuate (and not conceal) those womanly curves. 

In the olden days, the most confident ladies of high society openly displayed their necklines as a mark of self-assuredness. Modern elegant brides may echo tradition through an assortment of wedding gowns that favor the décolletage.

Your partner should aim to look dapper in a sleek and stylish suit tailored to his bodily dimensions. After all, you’re a sophisticated lady, and the groom should match up in appearance. A three-piece tuxedo in a dark hue will set the perfect contrast against your flawless white wedding gown. Designs with a slight sheen to the lapel may add a dash of character for a vogue look. 


An elegant wedding challenges you to live out your aristocratic fantasies. You might hold back due to the price tag or fear of appearing tacky. But that’s where professionals like La Belle Couture can help. 

Our dedicated consultants will help you pick out the most suitable wedding outfits and elements for the most memorable experience. Carpe diem, especially for your big celebration! We’re here to make your wedding dreams come alive.  



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