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Things You Should Know About Leap Year Weddings

Things You Should Know About Leap Year Weddings

Leap year weddings – they’re an interesting thing. You’ve only got a chance every four years to plan for one. Miss this year’s opportunity and you’ll have to wait until 2024. (We hope this article proves useful for a 2024 bride!)

We’ll take a look at some of the common ideas surrounding leap year weddings and why it’s definitely worth it. 

Leap Year Weddings Idea #1: They Make Wedding Anniversaries Even More Special

Wedding anniversaries are special on their own but a leap year makes your day a whole lot more amazing. Of course, couples aren’t limited to celebrating once every four years! (You could always celebrate on a proxy day before or after the 29th of February). 


Alternatively, you could have smaller celebrations every non-leap year and a grand one on the fourth. Also, remember, each time you celebrate your anniversary, you’ve been together for four more years. This truly expresses the longevity of your blissful union! (Aww…)

Leap Year Weddings Idea #2: Brides Propose to their Partners 

According to a popular Irish tradition, women were blessed by a Saint to reverse traditional gender roles on the 29th of February. As such, women customarily proposed to their lovers during leap years. The idea was demonstrated in the 2010 film, aptly titled: Leap Year. 


You might be able to catch your partner with a surprise proposal if you’re planning to have a leap year wedding. He won’t even see it coming! Capture his candid reaction and add it to the wedding photography album. Just an idea!

Leap Year Weddings Idea # 3: Improve Guest Turnout Rates

This is a bit of a stretch but not entirely impossible! 366 days in a year provides everyone with an extra day to spare. And there are few better ways to spend 29th February than by celebrating the big day of someone dear to you. Besides, they’ll be feasting their eyes on you in a splendiferous wedding gown


Or at least that is what you could try telling your guests while you plan for your leap year wedding! This is the perfect chance to provide every attendee with a precious memory of the special year. 

Leap Year Weddings Idea # 4: Leap Day Time Capsule

Wedding banquets usually involve all kinds of fun and games. Here is an idea specially for the leap year. Request each guest of your wedding to contribute an item to be stored inside a leap year capsule. The wedding couple should include something personal too. Perhaps you could add a wacky photo booth print of you in your wedding gown

 This capsule will be sealed and reopened during the next leap year. No edibles or perishables please, you won’t want to be seeing those in four years!

Also, avoid putting guests on the spot by making reference to the time capsule in your wedding invitation. In the next leap year, you could either invite everyone for a special gathering to reveal the contents ( or do this via video chat). It is bound to be an emotional and nostalgic experience!


A wedding is a timeless affair that unites two souls in love. La Belle Couture is always seeking innovative ways to bring smiles to our brides. We hope you’ll see leap year weddings in a new light after today!  

How would you celebrate your leap year wedding, what are your thoughts about proposing brides, would you give it a shot? We’re always interested in your opinion and how we can help improve your experience!

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