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Timeless Bridal Makeup And Hairstyle

Timeless Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle

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By Laurenzo Overee

Your bridal makeup and hairstyle are two significant elements of your big day look. Ideally, you should select a style that complements/accentuates your facial features. However, some timeless options work marvelously for any bride – instantly transforming them into awe-inspiring beauties. 

So if you are still wondering which look fits you, your search ends here! These beautiful makeup and hairstyles have worked wonders for generations of brides, and we believe they’ll suit you perfectly too. 

Timeless Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle #1: Braided Updo

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Braided updos are sophisticated hairstyles synonymous with some of the classiest bridal looks. Updos are practical (since they keep hair away from your face), while braids add depth to your tresses. 

There are diverse braid styles to choose from, depending on hair length and how elaborate you wish to go with your look. Crown braids are simple but effective ways to spruce up an updo – topping it off with a natural “tiara.” On the other hand, you’ve got more intricate milkmaid braids that instantly turn heads. 

If you plan to go for a braided updo, stick to a mild “no makeup” style to avoid overwhelming the bridal ensemble (i.e., your wedding gown). 

Timeless Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle #2: Finger Waves

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Few hairstyles match the glamor of finger waves. The retro look takes you back to the heydays of the 1920s. It’s a time when styling and profiling were an everyday affair for almost everyone.  Finger waves are ideal for classic wedding gowns such as cheongsam-inspired dresses. 

The style is a great way for brides with short hair to glam up their outfits. For makeup, go with dark lipstick and eye shadow smudged upward from the top lash. The final look should accentuate your facial features with a touch of elegance.  

Timeless Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle #3: Braided Half Do

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The braided half do presents a sweet and effortless look that complements almost every type of wedding gown. The style is a less elaborate alternative to full updos, perfect for bohemian-themed weddings. Adding a nature-inspired clip or tiara can enhance the look with breathtaking results. 

As with full updos, it’s best to go with minimal makeup that exudes a natural and understated appearance. Classic neutral blush with light pink lipstick can help create a healthy and subtle glow. 




As with all things bridal – you know your style best! But we believe these timeless looks can help fine-tune your search for the desired style. If ever in doubt, don’t forget that the La Belle team can help you create the perfect wedding each step of the way. We will pair you with experienced MUAs and hair stylists who light up your most outstanding features and have you ready to own that aisle.

Contact us or send us a message on social media to get started on your bridal transformation! 

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