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Timeless Wedding Themes

Timeless Wedding Themes

It can be extremely challenging to choose from the most creative wedding themes. La Belle Couture took brides through a series of awesome wedding themes not too long ago. We covered Bohemian, Sweet Pastel, and Celestial themes, just to name a few. Like wedding gown designs, there are timeless wedding theme options that stay relevant and popular like wedding gown designs, whether it’s 1980 or 2020. 

Let’s have a look at these classic themes and discover why they have remained a top draw for brides over the ages. One big reason is that brides can easily add their spin to these themes, customised to their preferences. Expressive millennial couples, this might be THE article to kickstart your wedding plans!

Timeless Wedding Themes #1: Beach Weddings 

The beach is synonymous with fun times, perhaps since a person’s childhood days. There’s something special about sinking your toes in the sand as the warm rays of the sun wash over you. Let’s not forget about the therapeutic rhythm of crashing waves and the occasional seabird. 

A special wedding near the sandy shore will surely set hearts racing, framing the perfect scene for a dream-like wedding. If you decide on a beach affair, consider wedding gowns that go easy on fabric because it can get hot – real hot. The same applies to accessories like veils and jackets for the groom (or go without!). A beach wedding is also a unique opportunity to exchange your vows without shoes on and not get judged for it. 

Beach weddings are the ultimate choice for casual and carefree brides and these events usually far exceed expectations. 

Timeless Wedding Themes #2: Traditional Weddings 

The word “tradition” might seem vague in this instance because it is indeed an umbrella term. Traditional weddings differ depending on the couple’s culture and well, traditions. These weddings may range from church-style weddings (that gave us the chapel length veil), Chinese customary all-red affairs, and other transgenerational practices.  

A traditional wedding pays homage to the ancestors that made it all possible. More importantly, it is a meaningful way to appease conservative parents and relatives to receive an outpour of blessings. But please don’t think of this as a self-sacrificing compromise. You’re the VIP and should have the power to interpret traditional styles the way you see fit. 

You can achieve this by modernising your wedding gown designs, personalising the reception decor, or adding other unique touches. 

Timeless Wedding Themes #3: Nature Weddings

Nature is breathtaking. Few wedding themes can match up to the splendor and beauty of an outdoor wedding surrounded by trees and soothing ambient sounds. If you’re a bride who wishes to avoid the humdrum of modern urban life, then a nature-themed wedding is probably right for you. 


And as they say, nature provides. If you think about it, you’ve got most of your wedding decor settled on the spot. While some fresh air in the outdoors can enhance the wedding mood and feels, be mindful of the weather. Our tropical island is known for its sudden downpours and scorching heat, so brollies and ponchos can go a super long way. Oh, and also beware of the mozzies and wear comfy shoes to conquer the uneven terrain. 




A wedding theme garnishes your big day, and brides should always choose a style that reflects their unique personalities. You might feel the pressure to live up to someone else’s idea of a wedding, but always remember that it’s your event! So take charge and be proud of your style and preferences. The dedicated bridal experts at La Belle can help you realise your creative vision. We look forward to bringing your dream wedding to life!

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