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Tips For Modern Petite Brides

Tips for Modern Petite Brides

Let’s face it, the images of modern petite brides are pretty inspirational. They move around effortlessly filled with energy and vibrance. It is almost as if they’re walking on clouds! But as much as you’d think they can get away with any wedding gown design, they don’t. We look at the yays and nays of petite bride fashion. 

Tips for Modern Petite Brides #1: Go Easy on the Fabric

The French loanword “petite” is often misused as a measurement of weight or mass. Well, in truth, petite refers to the stature or height of a person. So technically, a petite bride can be of any dress size. With that said, she should avoid wedding gowns with too much fabric. This usually means reducing the fullness of skirts. 

Yes, the fluffy look is really cute and highly sought after. But it’s your big day and the wedding gown shouldn’t be taking attention away from its wearer. Instead, brides should stick to flattering designs that accentuate the shape of their body regardless of its size. 

The same “less is more” concept applies to details – avoid over-the-top embellishments that make it seem like you’re drowning in sequins or lace. Go for a design that is sweet, simple, and chic – like a fitted A-line gown. The best part is that they’re of manageable volume and won’t overwhelm the bride. 

Tips for Modern Petite Brides #2: Opt for Comfortable Shoes


It is extremely tempting to get some height boosts during the wedding. Your big day is your chance to shine so you should look larger than life. So killer heels are your best bet, right? Nope. 


Brides are going to be on their feet for hours during their wedding. Aside from the grand walk down the aisle, there will be lots of moving around as you entertain the guests. The last thing you want is a grimace on your face that silently screams “save me!”


Go for flats, or if you’re still keen for some elevation, pick something comfortable, like wedge sneakers. You will still look taller but minus the pain and misery. 

Tips for Modern Petite Brides #3: It is all in the Hair!

Hairstyles are a major accompaniment to a bridal outfit. This is especially true for petite brides who might wish to add the illusion of height that elongates and slims facial shape. Popular styles include bubble buns, top knot chignons, and french twists.  


Brides with short hair can achieve a similar effect by adding volume to the top sections of their hairdo while keeping the sides sleek. The contrast will make brides look instantly taller. 


More importantly, select a hairdo that complements your wedding gown and facial features. The compatible style will provide the perfect finishing touches to your wedding ensemble.




Brides of all statures will look their finest with careful and creative planning. Avoid jumping into trends and hoping for the best. You’ll need to take the entire look into account to achieve a stunning wedding look.  We know that all our brides are natural beauties but a little research will truly enhance their appearances.  


With the rollback of the Circuit Breaker, La Belle Couture hopes to serve brides and their families again, bringing joy and smiles to your lives! We are so happy to be able to see all of you again! We will be starting our operations on 20 June 2020! Do take note, due to safety precautions, we are only taking in appointment-based customers.


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