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Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding Photography Part I

Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding photography Part I

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Pre-wedding photography usually takes place to commemorate your love story between your groom-to-be and yourself. However, taking them in your wedding outfits is not always necessary. Engagement or casual pre-wedding photography can be part of your love story which can be less restricted in terms of locations, outfits and props!

If you are looking to have a casual pre-wedding photography done but are clueless as to what to wear for your photoshoot, we have done your homework for you in bite sizes! Read on to discover what are some of the tips to bear in mind when choosing outfits for your casual pre-wedding photography!

Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding photography  #1 : Dress As Yourself

There is nothing more genuine than dressing yourself as yourself. If you are a sneaker and jeans kind of girl-next-door, then so be it! Ditch the chiffon floral dress and be yourself! You should still look like yourself but at your best.

 singapore pre-wedding photography

singapore pre-wedding photography


Be it whatever choice of clothes and style you choose, the bottom-line is C-O-M-F-O-R-T. You need to be and feel comfortable in whatever your wear.

If your wardrobe choices are extremely outside of your level of comfort, this will make you look awkward in your pre-wedding photography. And this, isn’t pretty at all.

Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding photography  #2 : Complement each other, but don’t match

While many couples look adorable together when wearing couple outfits, this may not be the perfect idea for your casual pre-wedding photography. Complementing your partner’s outfit is one thing, however matching outfits and patterned prints aren’t ideal for portrait sessions.

 singapore pre-wedding photography

singapore pre-wedding photography


When choosing and deciding how you and your partner will dress, look for complementary colours and solid prints. For example, choose a white coloured outfit if your partner is wearing black. The whole idea is basically having to understand ‘complementary’ as ‘opposite’. You know, ‘opposites attract’, that whole thing. Yep, it is that simple.

The last thing you want in your wedding photography is to have bold, daring and loud designs which can look too busy. This can create an unnecessary distraction in your photographs.

Don’t let anything else steal the limelight, when the main focus should be on the two of you!

Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding photography  #3 : Choose Pastels, Cool Colours, and Neutral Tones

The colours in your photographs are extremely important because they can either make or break your overall look.

Avoiding loud colours such as neon is a brilliant idea, unless you want to look like a hot, blinking sign that is. Certainly not, right?

 singapore pre-wedding photography

singapore pre-wedding photography


In addition, orange seems to be one of the hardest colour to be classified as photogenic. Next, while red is the colour which your eye is drawn to immediately, you want to avoid over-emphasis and excessive attention on your skirt or shirt.

The focus of the photographs should be your faces and the love between you to stand out. To achieve that, you should strongly consider wearing pastels, cool colours or neutral tones.

However, all is not dull if you add a pop of bright colour with your accessories or props! Just don’t wear those bright coloured clothing and let them overwhelm your faces!


While most attention and tips are given to formal pre-wedding photography in wedding gowns and suits, little thoughts have been given to casual ones. However, it is the casual pre-wedding photography that is the one with more fun and zest! There will be part two on more tips for your outfits for your casual pre-wedding photography, so stay tuned!

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