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Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding Photography Part II

Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding photography Part II

Previously, we shared some useful tips on dressing up for your casual pre-wedding photography. With that, we have received a handful of positive responses that wedding couples find such tips come in really handy.

So, this time round, we will be sharing further on your outfits for your casual pre-wedding photography. We hope that by shedding more insightful pointers, your pre-wedding photography could take some load off your wedding planning stress!

Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding photography  #1 : Complement Your Body Type

Just like wedding outfits, choosing the right wedding gowns and suits means having to choose one that complements your body type. In fact, this rule of thumb applies to all your outfits too.

singapore pre-wedding photography

singapore pre-wedding photography


Clothing looks their best on your if they fit properly and accentuates your best features, or even create attention on features that you want to highlight.

For example, to create fullness in the chest area, consider a textured or ruched style. This create more volume. If you are on the plus size, you can consider wearing an empire-waist dress. They flatter plus size girls more because they emphasize the smallest portion under your bust. Simply put, they help to create an illusion of a smaller waist. With an empire-waist dress, a slender silhouette from top to bottom is now made possible! So don’t be disheartened! You’ve just got to strategize your choice of outfits!

Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding photography  #2 : Go Classic Instead Of Trendy

You know the thing about your wedding photography album and how you have heard many people saying that it is a waste of time and especially money? And just because you won’t ever retrieve it under the piles of stuffs in your storeroom?

The thing is, that is entirely up to each individual couple, isn’t it?

However, have you come across outfits or styles in someone else’s wedding photography album looking too ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘out of date’?

Here is an useful tip to avoid such issue from arising – go for the classic fashion instead of choosing a trendy outfit for your wedding photography. The thing about fashion trends is that they fade off with time. For example, if a black-and-white maxi dress is the current hot topic of the town, its hype may die down the next year. When you revisit your memories through your wedding photos, you may come across as a referee or a jailbird when you see yourself in head-to-toe stripes.

Of course the above anecdote is slightly dramatised but it has happened to some of our couples! Nonetheless, as long as you both are truly happy, then your wedding photos will still look beautiful no matter what right?

singapore pre-wedding photography(7)Tips For Your Outfits For Your Casual Pre-wedding photography  #3 :  Incorporate At Least One Accessory

Accessorising our daily outfits, even for workwear has become a norm for us ladies. Thus, incorporating accessories for your casual pre-wedding photography outfits should come easy.

singaporepreweddingphotographyThe thing about accessorising is not so much about the number of necklaces, earrings or bracelets you wear. In fact, it is more of quality over quantity. Consider adding a statement piece of accessory such as a chunky necklace or long dangling earrings to the outfits you have chosen for your wedding photography.

Opting for an overly contrived look can make you feel and look clunky in your wedding photos. Bear in mind that you want to look effortless, not like you are trying too hard!


Most articles provide advice and tips on your wedding outfits for your pre-wedding photography. But little attention is placed on casual pre-wedding photography – which can be more fun than a formal pre-wedding one!

Do you find our tips useful thus far? Do you have further tips to share too? Let us know!


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