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Tired Of Pleasing Everyone On Your Choice Of Wedding Gown? Here’re Some Straightforward Yet Not-So-Offensive (Politically Correct) Statements To Tell Them!

Tired Of Pleasing Everyone On Your Choice Of Wedding Gown? Here’re Some Straightforward Yet Not-So-Offensive (Politically Correct) Statements To Tell Them!

It’s always heartening to know there’s a whole community of people who are beyond excited to get involved in your Big Day – think relatives, friends, acquaintances or even casual observers.

Being amateurs at this whole wedding business, it’s only natural to seek our advice from those who’ve been in your shoes. However, when some of these opinions seem more personal than constructive, that’s when you need to let your better judgment take over and assess if their advice means well in your context.

Be forewarned that these unsolicited opinions might end up blindsiding you from what truly matters. Here are 4 straightforward yet politically correct statements for you to keep in mind!

Wedding Gown Statement For Your Choice Of Wedding Gown #1: “What’s popular or trendy now might not suit me, and I’m perfectly fine with it!”

Social media is a double-edged sword – it allows us unprecedented access to a vast amount of resources, but it also leaves us that much more attuned to current trends. Believe us, you’ll KNOW when blush tones are trending because at least 5 weddings before yours has the same colour palette.

However, just because it’s in trend doesn’t mean you need to jump on the bandwagon! If a wedding gown of classic or retro vibes is what you’re gunning after, feel free to go all out and create a memorable wedding unique to your own love story!

Wedding Gown Statement For Your Choice Of Wedding Gown#2: “Looking slim isn’t the only issue. Having The confidence to rock the look is way more important!”

An already-sensitive issue, it is further exacerbated by one should look certain size in your wedding gown. Sometimes, well-meaning but unsolicited advice might cut a bit deep because it can come across as quite personal.

One example would be how your friends might push you to go for a wedding gown silhouette to look slimmer! For example, your friend might advise you to go for a wedding gown in a princess silhouette. After all, the tight-fitting bodice and voluminous skirt offer an illusion of a smaller waistline.

But deep inside, you feel a lot more confident rocking the sleek styles of a mermaid wedding gown! You want to flaunt your curves (even though your friends tell you that you have pear-shaped hips, which should be hidden)!

Bottom line is, you should always feel your best in your wedding gown, no matter what size you are. Women come in all shapes and sizes and it’s something we’re still trying to come to terms with as a society. While we have been taught to fit into body shapes, it isn’t a must to follow it.

But remember. Those who truly love you can and will accept you just the way you are!

Wedding Gown Statement For Your Choice Of Wedding Gown#3: “I know you’re trying to live vicariously through my wedding, but I’ll like to have the final say”

Don’t let the naysayers sabotage your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After all, those who truly matter should let you have the final say. As they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Your friends may want you to look the part of a queen in a princess ball gown. But you know that that isn’t what you want to begin with!

If need to, kick a few of them to the curb… well figuratively! But it is important to let them down gently to prevent any tension. If they are your true friends, they would respect your decision anyway!

And if they don’t? Well…then you probably need to question where these friendships stand at.

Wedding Gown Statement For Your Choice Of Wedding Gown #4: “I know you mean the best for me…but I want to choose a wedding gown I like”

Some brides-to-be love repurposing their wedding gowns for a fancy event in the future; some brides want their ultimate fantasy wedding gown that they’ll be hard-pressed to wear again. Two ends of the spectrum and both are valid! There’s no right or wrong, just a matter of priorities and what matters to the bride.

End of the day, we say – Stay true to your own wedding vision and your own personality. Never forget that it is YOUR day and ultimately, it is YOUR opinion that carries the most weight.

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