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Tired Of Trying To Please Everyone With Your Wedding Gowns? Ignore Them & Follow Your Heart!

Tired Of Trying To Please Everyone With Your Wedding Gowns? Ignore Them & Follow Your Heart!

Selecting the perfect wedding gowns can be daunting and a tall order when you are stuck in a dilemma on which gown to choose! It would be made worse if others try and impose their honest opinions upon you. This will only confuse you further. So, at this juncture, you are torn between the wedding gown you are smitten by and those which others have nothing but praises for.

Now, what are you intending to do? Are you going to follow your heart or are you planning to put on a gown that only pleases that eyes of others but not yours?

We’d say go for the former – FOLLOW YOUR HEART!


A wedding gown can be beautiful but its beauty will not be revealed and appreciated when you not feeling comfortable in them. And trust us, it will show. Your facial expression and body language will reflect your discomfort and low level of self-esteem. Going for something you love and which you think best fits you should be the better choice!

But you need to comprehend how looking ugly and feeling ugly are totally two separate issues!

You may don, a less attractive wedding gown in the eyes’ of others. However, it may be perfect in your perspective. Hence, you are bound to nail it with your ultra-confidence! In this way, when you feel good, you LOOK good too! We must agree that it is very easy to be affected by the opinions (or criticisms if they are less tactful) and influenced by their choices instead. However, the bottom-line is, you know what is BEST for you!


On the contrary, imagine if you were to choose a wedding gown that you absolutely adore. And because you think you look perfect in it, your confidence would naturally reflect. Sashaying in your wedding gown down the aisle will then be an easy feat!

However, one important thing you must note that it is highly advisable that bridal consultants come into the picture. Tactful bridal consultants will not criticize your preference or body shape/size nor force or prohibit your choices. They are there to provide professional advices on which type of wedding gown suit you best. By suitability, we mean to complement your height, body shape and size. They would be in a better position to advise. This is true because they have studied and analysed the heart of wedding gowns. Moreover, they would ave a better eye for details.

Ultimately, it is YOUR wedding day. It is of utmost importance that you look AND feel good in the wedding gowns you are dressed in on that day. And with the professional help from your bridal consultants, paired with your favourite wedding gown, nothing can go wrong! You will be a head-turner on your wedding day for sure!

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