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Top 3 Annoying Habits That Brides Do Not Like Their Grooms To Have

Top 3 Annoying Habits That Brides Do Not Like Their Grooms To Have

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Wedding planning can be stressful, but only if you let them be. Most of the time, you have heard how brides lament and rant about their grooms not putting enough or equal effort into their wedding planning. We have put together the top 3 annoying habits that brides don’t like their grooms to have. So grooms, keep your wife-to-be happy by avoiding them!

Annoying Habits That Brides Do Not Like Their Grooms To Have #1: Lacking In Effort In Your Wedding Planning

This is by far the most common issue we hear from brides! When it comes to wedding planning, most grooms are usually nonchalant about the whole matter. So much so that sometimes, it makes the bride wonder if the groom is all in for this wedding. Worse still, they might worry if the groom actually wants to get wedded.

Brides, if you are reading this, rest assured that your groom definitely wants to marry you! However, they probably don’t want to interfere with the planning. In fact, we spoke to one groom and he explained that grooms don’t participate as much because they are okay with everything. Like…everything.

Having said that you (yes you, the groom!) should not use this as an excuse and blame it as a ‘guy thing’! Even if you know that the bride has the final say (well, most of the time), but she will appreciate it when you take initiative! 😉

Annoying Habits That Brides Don’t Like Their Grooms To Have #2: Having A Say In Everything

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On the contrary, even when your bride prefers you to participate in the wedding planning process, surely they do not want you to have a say in everything! To make things clearer for you, there are certain aspects that matter more to your bride than you. These include the wedding gown choice, the choice of make-up style, the colour scheme of your wedding decorations, the flowers…

Yes, these may seem minor nitty-gritty to you but to your bride, they mean the world to them! No doubt, women are labelled as more meticulous than men. Hence, even minor details which boil all their way down to what kind of flowers to use for your wedding decoration are of much significance to them! Hence, you should never make a decision on your own without first consulting your bride-to-be. So don’t say we did not warn you…

But that does not mean you should keep mum, especially when your bride asks you for the feedback! By providing constructive feedback but allowing your bride to make her own final decision reflects your participation and yet respects her choice. This is definitely the way to go! You can thank us later.

Annoying Habits That Brides Don’t Like Their Grooms To Have #3: Letting Your Mom Have A Say Over Everything

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This is a sensitive and touchy topic which many brides find difficult to resolve with their husband-to-be and future mother-in-law. Sometimes, it is not always only the mother-in-law, but father-in-law or worse still, both parents-in-law.

It is a common sight that brides feel upset, disappointed, and frustrated when their husband-to-be allows his mother to have a say and control over almost everything! From the colour of wedding gowns to the table seating arrangement, to all those customary issues…

Even though there is a saying “Wedding is about two families, not two people”, you should not make this a habit and excuse. You may consult your parents when in doubt, but the ultimate decision-makers should be the both of you!

No doubt that mothers have such a strong distaste for certain practices. After all, they want what is best for their child! Who wants their child to have a horrible marriage? So naturally, taboo matters, such as wearing black gowns, are frowned upon because of their ‘unlucky’ charm.

But sometimes, things can snowball to unreasonable standards. From the arrangement of the seats to the type of food to eat and even the type of decoration.

In such delicate situations, the groom should always discuss with the bride before agreeing to the terms. Don’t simply agree and forget about how your bride feels. This is certainly way better than not to voice out any displeasure which will only further agitate your bride! Surely that is the last you want to have…especially on your wedding day…and eventually for the rest of your life (don’t forget that women’s memory is that superb!)


Having known these top 3 annoying habits that brides do not like their grooms to have, we trust you are starting on the right foot to a happy wedding planning journey!

You are very much welcomed.


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