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Top 3 Annoying Habits That Grooms Do Not Like Their Brides To Have

Top 3 Annoying Habits That Grooms Do Not Like Their Brides To Have

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We once shared some useful insights of some annoying habits which grooms should avoid if they do not want to irk their brides! Of course, this doesn’t mean that a bride is given a free pass! This time around, we look at the other side of the coin;)

If you think you might be guilty of these habits, then ….it is time to do something about it!

So here are the top 3 annoying habits that grooms do not appreciate in their bride.

Annoying Habits That Grooms Dislike in Their Bride #1: Being A Bridezilla Who Fusses Over Everything…And Anything!

Bride in wedding gown at the beach

Bridezilla is the last thing on earth you want to be termed when planning your wedding! As mentioned in our article, brides are generally mindful of minor details such as wedding decorations, types of flowers used, and so forth. Nothing wrong with that, in all honesty! After all, you only want what is best for your wedding and everything has to be perfect.

The only thing that differentiates a panicky bride and bridezilla is the amount of control they must have over such details! For example, a bridezilla is a bride who fusses over everything. From the specific shade of flowers to the angle of where the decorations are facing, any small mistakes become a reason to be angry over.

Truth be told, being around an angry person is never pleasant. You probably have had first-hand experience and it is absolute hell

Of course, it is your BIG day and it is going to be once in a lifetime moment. You want it to be suited to your preference. You want the wedding celebration event to be P-E-R-F-E-C-T! So surely, every little thing matters? Nothing can go wrong….right?

Here’s the thing…

It is normal for brides to be worried! The only difference between a normal-panicky bride and a bridezilla is the emotional control over the situation. A typical bridezilla gets furious over the slightest mistakes. It can range from decorations being in a shade that is minimally different, to the angle of the flowers in the bouquet, and…just everything!

However, it is these details that usually force you to become a bridezilla! Fussing over every small and slightest issue would definitely create the already-stressed situation of a wedding planning process! Furthermore, it will most probably annoy your groom to death…and everybody else. Before you know it, you will be alone to go through the wedding stress. Trust us, it is a horrible experience.

We’d say, sometimes you need to let your hair down a little, sit back and relax too. The type of flowers you want aren’t available? There are many beautiful alternatives available out there! Korean-inspired makeup doesn’t suit you or your choice of wedding gowns? Then opt for another look! Remember, there is always a way out, and who knows, it might be a better choice!

The thing is, after all, a wedding is a happy occasion, so don’t let these nitty-gritty details frustrate and get the better of you! Most importantly, live and let live and avoid letting the wedding planning process cause unhappiness between the both of you!

Annoying Habits That Grooms Do Not Like Their Brides To Have #2: Planning Way Too Early In Advance

Bride and groom in pre-wedding photography

He proposed (finally!), you choose your date and then start scrambling on the 1001 things to do for your wedding day!

We’d say, hold your horses, ladies! Slow down a little.

You are extremely excited, we can understand that. But being overly excited doesn’t mean you should plan way in advance.

There are a few wedding vendors which you need to settle at the initial stage, such as your wedding venue, photographer, and videographer. However, there is no need to race in your planning as if it is a marathon! Give yourself (and your groom) space to breathe! It is great that you are aware of what you need to do. But…you don’t need to have everything to be done in a day! You only have 24 hours and the last thing you want is to burn through the day…and feel like a lump of tiredness.

Okay, that is a bad way to describe the situation but you get what we mean! You will be so exhausted that you might probably make the wrong decisions (with the wrong vendor). So why put yourself through the trouble? Take a breather, relax, and sail through the planning!

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should procrastinate though. If you do, the above will apply to you as well.

Furthermore, there are some stages which can only be decided and confirmed nearer to your wedding day. Just ensure that you have ample time allocated for the different stages such as taking your pre-wedding photography, choosing your wedding outfits and the customary procedures, and so forth.

Annoying Habits That Grooms Do Not Like Their Bride To Have #3: Choosing Feminine Colours/Themes For Everything!

bride in pink wedding dress

Pink suits, pink colours/themes…and everything girly-looking would most probably make your groom feel left out.

As much as you like your groom to discuss and consult you before making any decision, you should do the same too. Mutual respect is also one of the key elements in any relationship and your forthcoming marriage!

While some grooms may be able to accept all these feminine themes and cutesy stuff, you should always consider their feelings and preferences too. Striking a balance, you may also opt for gender-neutral colours or perhaps adopt a compromisation – have some decorations in blue and others in pink. Otherwise, they might feel out of place.

You can choose all the shades of pink you want for your wedding gowns, but just don’t make your groom wear a pink wedding suit unless he’s genuinely cool about it. We are pretty sure they would probably reject and get upset if you insist! So don’t say we didn’t warn you!


After sharing all these annoying habits the wedding couple does not like about one another, perhaps the bottom line is to have mutual respect for each other. This would then easily remove all the potential tension and unhappiness which comes along during wedding planning!


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