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Top 3 Common Singapore Wedding Traditions Which You May Not Need To Follow Part II

Top 3 Common Singapore wedding Traditions which You May Not Need To Follow Part II

Have you taken a look at our previous article on Singapore Wedding Traditions that you don’t exactly have to abide to! From the choice of wedding gown, to wearing way too many bridal gowns on your wedding day, there seem to be a few wedding traditions that you can choose to forgo, just so you can have a seamless (and less stressful wedding experience!)

Hoorays to that! Nobody wants a stressful wedding right?

This week, we will be sharing other Singapore wedding traditions that are more general. Share your thoughts with us at the end of this article, if you agree with what we have shared.

Common Singapore Wedding Traditions #1 : Your Wedding Must Be Held In A Big Ballroom At A Hotel

In Singapore, there are many hotel wedding venues to select from and it has become a norm to host a wedding at a hotel.

singapore pre-wedding photography(34)

We can’t deny that many wedding couples hold their wedding ceremony at hotels. In the recent times, we have seen a dynamic shift from hotels as wedding venue to outdoor wedding parties at the beach or on a yacht, or even at small well-furnished cozy restaurants. This is due to the shrinking size of wedding guests! In fact, many hotels have opened up smaller ballrooms to cater to this increasing need as well.

To simply put this, there is no hard and fast rule to hold a wedding in a ballroom, despite it being a tradition amongst most Singaporean couples.

One very important factor to consider is the size of your wedding guestlist and the type of wedding guests who are coming. If you have more older folks in your wedding guest list, then a hotel ballroom might be better for them to hang around, as opposed to the outdoor locations.

Hotel ballrooms are more suitable for a large crowd as they can accommodate to the capacity. Intimate venues such as restaurants, cafes, chalets, gardens and beaches are perfect for couples who prefer a cosier, more personal wedding in a carefree setting.

Also, you should take into account of your wedding budget and the type of wedding you prefer. This way, you can narrow down to the choices of your wedding venues, and whether holding your wedding at a ballroom complements the plan you have in mind.

Common Singapore Wedding Traditions #2 : You Must Have A Gatecrashing Ceremony

When you think of gatecrashes, you think of fun and laughter, and how bridesmaids go all out to make the groom and his groomsmen suffer before allowing them to enter the bride’s house.

In today’s context, that is pretty much true as gatecrashes are now done for the fun of it rather than its original supposed sentimental value.

singapore pre-wedding photography(35)







singapore pre-wedding photography(37)










singapore pre-wedding photography(36)This sentimental value stems from the fact that gatecrashes were traditionally practiced to test  and prove the sincerity of the groom in wanting to marry the bride (and of course, seeing her in a wedding gown for the first time). On the other hand, it also represented the reluctance of the bride’s family to marry her off.

Hence, if you are not a fan of this boisterous affair and prefer a quieter morning on your wedding day (a.k.a not needing to wake up early to have your make-up and wedding dress on), you can skip this gatecrash session altogether. What’s more is that you may even be able to squeeze in some couple time before the wedding madness begins!

singapore pre-wedding photography(38)Common Singapore Wedding Traditions #3 : You Must Invite Everyone On Your Parents’ Guestlist

Trying to confirm your wedding guestlist is a huge headache to begin with. with the lack of responses to your wedding invitation, the last minute notices of attendances…and what more, what if your parents insist that you should invite a group of relatives and/or friends that you don’t exactly know how to address properly?

Wedding guest list dilemma










No doubt that your parents are jumping for joy and see your wedding as an equally important milestone in their lives. We are certain that your parents are as excited for your wedding as you are.

That is why they would like to share the joyous celebration with their own families and friends. Knowing how excited they are is truly heartwarming, because they are supportive of your lifetime decision and are happy for you.

singapore pre-wedding photography(39)

However, what’s more important is what you are comfortable with, or what kind of wedding are you looking to have. From there, you would be able to communicate to your parents on what you expect from them and what you truly want for your wedding.

For example, if you prefer a cosy small intimate wedding affair comprising of those who are dearest to you and your groom, then it is best to explain to your parents that there is a limit to the number of wedding guests you would like to invite. It is only reasonable that you want your wedding to be celebrated amongst those who are truly happy for you (and not be present for the sake of being present!).

If they still think otherwise, then you can suggest hosting a simple dinner for your parents guests after your wedding day or send them a gift of a form of appreciation:)


At the end of the day, it is your wedding and your should feel free to do whatever you wish to. Be it to abide by these wedding traditions, replace or omit them altogether. It should be the choice of you and your husband-to-be!


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