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Top 3 Common Wedding Gown Mistakes You Will Regret Making Part I

Top 3 Common Wedding Gown Mistakes You Will Regret Making Part I

This is your first time walking down the aisle in your wedding gown. Naturally, you would want to look the best on your wedding day!

However, there are many traps that will impede you from wearing the perfect wedding gown! If you, somehow, fall into them, you may end up spiralling into the bottomless pit of frustrations and anguish.

Before you know it, you might end up not feeling confident at all when you grace the aisle in your wedding gown. It isn’t as if you can turn back time or do it once more!

That’s why we noted these top 3 wedding gown mistakes that you should always avoid!

Common Wedding Gown Mistake #1 : Wearing Something That Doesn’t Fit

With so many wedding gowns out on the Internet, it is no wonder that you are drawn to many wedding gown designs. Sometimes, you might find yourself falling in love with a design…

But the truth is, what you love may not be what suits you best.

Most brides make the mistake on focusing on the wedding gown design they love, without considering other wedding gown designs that may complement them better.

Wedding Gowns Singapore

Wedding Gowns Singapore


Before they know it, they realised that what they liked don’t seem to bring out their best features. But usually, brides end up finding out too late about this and start to go in a frenzy as they search for the wedding gown that is both perfect yet flaunts their best assets!

To avoid this from happening, you should always have an open mind to various wedding gown designs. Or else, you might end up wearing a wedding dress that you don’t feel confident in. In turn, this will be reflected on your face throughout the wedding, which wouldn’t paint pretty pictures

Common Wedding Gown Mistake #2 : Trying to Lose Too Much Weight Before Your Final Wedding Gown Fitting

Looking slim has always been on a girl’s to-do list like since forever. And you and I both know that this happens to slim girls as well. Going on a crash diet or over-exercising to shed those kilos before your final wedding gown fitting seems like an easy task for determined brides-to-be.

But the question is, should you really be doing that?

Perhaps you have found your ideal wedding gown, but it doesn’t quite fit you perfectly…yet.

Wedding Gowns Singapore

Wedding Gowns Singapore


When choosing your wedding gown, you should choose one that fits your current size. Insisting on a size which you think is ideal and which you would want to work towards achieving, is not feasible. Furthermore, by doing this, you are merely piling up more stress on yourself.

If you intend to look slimmer on your wedding day, you should start changing your eating habits and exercise more frequently gradually. The key word here is gradually. Start by setting reasonable and manageable goals for yourself. This also helps because you are more likely to stick to the routine which is not unreasonable. Therefore, when trying to shed those kilos, go slow and steady, Any sudden drop in your weight may also cause potential health problems. You don’t want to look all pale and sickly on your wedding day, don’t you?

Wedding Gowns Singapore

Wedding Gowns Singapore


Lastly, if you are still freaking out about your figure, just remember that at the end of the day, you are getting hitched to someone who loves you for who you are and not those numbers on the weighing scale.

Common Wedding Gown Mistake #3 : Leaving Your Wedding Gown Designs To Inexperienced Hands

Just imagine, wouldn’t it be wonderful to wear a wedding gown that customised to fit you and yet looks magically beautiful?

No doubt that you can opt to send your wedding gown design to homegrown tailor to do. Usually, the price is a lot lesser. That sounds attractive right?

Wedding Gowns Singapore

Wedding Gowns Singapore


While that is an viable (and seemingly attractive) option, the risk that you run in is the amount of experience the tailor has. Even though they are able to replicate a wedding dress design, they may not have enough expertise to know whether the wedding gown suits you well.

On the other hand, if you have an wedding gown expert by your side, he/she will be able to see past your preferred wedding gown design and advise on what you can do! That way, you can be assured that the eventual wedding gown is a product that is created to complement you best.


There are so many Dos and Don’ts when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown! But re you guilty of committing one of those mentioned above? In our next article, we will be sharing more wedding gown mistakes to help you along your wedding journey.


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