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Top 3 Common Wedding Gown Mistakes You Will Regret Making Part IITop 3 Common Wedding Gown Mistakes You Will Regret Making Part II

Top 3 Common Wedding Gown Mistakes You Will Regret Making Part IITop 3 Common Wedding Gown Mistakes You Will Regret Making Part II

If you enjoyed our previous article on some of the wedding gown mistakes you will regret making, then we are certain you would enjoy this week’s article!

As we all know, the wedding gown plays a huge role in a bride’s wedding (along with the groom!). It would be quite impossible to ask your wedding guests to ignore your wedding gown, when that’s the first thing they look at!

In part 2 of Top Common Wedding Gown Mistakes, we will be sharing more mishaps that brides have made and regretted. We don’t want the same thing to happen to you! So read on to ensure you are on the right track towards that perfect wedding dress.

Most Common Wedding Gown Mistake #1 : Not Matching Your Wedding With The Venue And The Overall Wedding Theme

A particular wedding gown may have caught your attention and you are extremely smitten by it. It could even be your perfect dream wedding gown.

However, this dream may just be crushed if your wedding gown does not accommodate to your wedding venue. Simply put, the two must complement one another in a way or another.

Say for example, if your wedding celebration is going to be held at a beach during the evening, where you, your Husband to be and your wedding guests will enjoy the romantic sun set, slow dancing to the soft soothing love songs and basically just letting down their hair and relaxing…but then, all this would be made difficult for you as the bride if you are wearing a tight body-hugging mermaid wedding gown with a long train.

Wouldn’t that depict a pretty awkward sight? Even though you look beautiful in the wedding gown, but you might not be the most comfortable if it doesn’t fit the occasion.

In the example above, wearing a tight fitting wedding gown will not give you the flexibility in movement. In such a casual laid back ambience, a light and loose flowy wedding gown, preferably a knee-length or midi length, would be ideal. If you like that long wedding gown train, then opt for a chiffon high low skirt, just like this number below.

1If you still prefer that fit and flare look, then opt for a cut that fits right below your buttocks before extending to long skirt.



On the other hand, if the space of your wedding space is restricted, you may want to think twice before deciding on a grand wedding ball gown with a long train. With the weight of your wedding gown, it might be a challenge to walk in it (while ensuring that you don’t lose balance and trip over your wedding gown!).

Most Common Wedding Gown Mistake #2 : Trying On Only One Wedding Gown Cutting

Most brides may already have done their research on the different types of wedding gown cuttings. With the convenience of the Internet, you have easy access to run a search on all wedding gowns related articles.

When coming across the different wedding gown cuttings, you may have already picked one which you think look best on you. With that in mind, you then head down to browse and try on that wedding gown cutting. And only try that cutting.

The main issue with trying on only one wedding gown cutting is that you may make a mistake choosing one that is not suitable for you. What we mean by not being suitable is that the cutting may not be the most flattering to you body shape.



For example, if you have rectangular body shape, you should avoid a sheath wedding gown cutting and opt for one with empire waist. This is so that it is able to frame your body shape better, giving your waist more definition.

On the contrary, if you have a smaller petite frame, you should avoid a wedding gown that is a ball gown cut so that you don’t look so overwhelmed.

Most Common Wedding Gown Mistake #3 : Bringing A Huge Entourage When You Choose Your Wedding Gown

It’s your big day, you are excited, your mother’s excited. Well, your whole horde of girlfriends have been squealing in excitement ever since you have gotten engaged and they absolutely want to see you in your wedding gown. It is only natural that ALL of them would want to accompany you to select the wedding gown.



While we totally understand how girls, even your mother, absolutely adore the idea of hunting the right wedding gown, you may want to think twice after reading this.

Bringing too many people with you to choose your wedding gown may confuse you even further than you already are. It is often that brides are stuck in a dilemma, trying to decide whether to go with wedding gown A or wedding gown B. So fret no if you find yourself caught in such a situation. That is perfectly normal and common.

With the many and most probably varying opinions and feedback on the wedding gowns, it may complicate things further. Instead of having to resolve your issue, by being decisive, choose and finalise your wedding gown, now you have to consider all the feedback rendered to you.

Therefore, you should limit to perhaps one to two people to bring along when you shop for your wedding gown. Don’t forget that your groom would most probably be shopping with you too, so that is already one person’s opinion you have to consider. Plus, he’s your groom and Husband to be, and his opinion would likely to carry the most weightage.


There are so many Dos and Don’ts when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown! But are you guilty of committing one of those mentioned above? In our next article, we will be sharing more wedding gown mistakes to help you along your wedding journey.


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