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Top 3 Common Singapore Wedding Traditions Which You May Not Need To Follow Part I

Top 3 Common Singapore Wedding Traditions Which You May Not Need To Follow Part I

It is difficult to avoid wedding traditions when it comes to planning your wedding. Wedding traditions have been followed through and continued for several years. Although with time, these traditions have somewhat been modified, the gist of each and every wedding tradition remains the same.

Wedding traditions are not wedding rules or even “laws” which you need to strictly comply. They are carried out because of its meaning behind the actions. However, there is nothing wrong if you do not follow them. There is no hard and fast rule to these wedding traditions. Every wedding couple has the discretion to decide if they want to follow these wedding traditions. They should not be condemned if they don’t wish to follow because there is no right or wrong.

Common Singapore Wedding Traditions #1 : Your Wedding Gown Must Be In White

Dolling up as the most beautiful bride in a perfect wedding gown is something every bride eagerly look forward to. Often, we chance upon brides donning white wedding gowns. Have you ever wondered why white wedding gowns are commonly seen and worn?

singapore pre-wedding photography(32)

This wedding tradition actually found its way back into 19th century where Queen Victoria started this trend of wearing white for a wedding. It was later on brides started emulating her style as they thought white was an avant-garde choice of colour and simply because she was Queen Victoria! She was seen as an icon of fashion to most brides back then, and it seemed to bode well with them to follow the trend she has set.

In other wedding traditions, it is common for brides to don a white wedding gown as the colour symbolises purity. It is as if it is a fresh start to a whole new phase (which is pretty true!).

While this trend has stayed true over the years, you don’t need to exactly follow the trend of wearing a white wedding gown if you don’t feel it. You can always opt for lighter shades, such as blush pink, champagne and more, if you want your wedding gown to be something special.

Below are some of our popular bridal gowns in other colours!

Pink Bridal Gown






LaBelle Couture - Floraison Bridal Collection - The Secret Garden Enchantress



Don’t be afraid to try out other colours for your wedding gowns. Remember, after all, it is your wedding and you have every right to choose a wedding gown in a colour of your choice!

Common Singapore Wedding Traditions #2 : Your Wedding Gown Feature A Super Long Train

No doubt having a wedding gown with a long train creates a more grandiose and elegant feel and style. Even Disney princesses wear them too and they look like royalty!


However, this wedding tradition is not a must to follow! Why? Because this would depend on the wedding venue you are marrying at! In Singapore, there are so many wedding venues of different types and styles. Here are some examples to consider.


While you should wear a wedding dress should only be followed if these conditions are met. For example, if you are holding your wedding celebration on an intimate scale at a smaller venue such as restaurants or cafes (e.g White Rabbit, Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens and etc), then you can consider a wedding dress that nicely sweeps on the ground. If you decide to do something different, like holding your wedding on a yacht, then you should avoid wearing a wedding dress in a long train!


On the other hand, If you intend to have a very grand and magnificent wedding affair at a luxurious hotel (e.g Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Mandarin Orchard Singapore, St Regis or etc), then you can consider a wedding gown of a grand design, which would include the long train!

30th Oct 2016 - keira wedding gown

If you are intending to hold a small, intimate and cozy wedding celebration with your close-knitted family and friends, then you do without the classic long and extravagant wedding gown. Instead, you should strongly consider wearing a knee or tea length wedding dress, or even a high low wedding gown! That way, you would appear dressed up and appear casual, which is for your cozy celebration!

Short Wedding Gowns Beach WeddingCommon Singapore Wedding Traditions #3 : You Must Have A Wedding Gown “Fashion Show”

It is a common sight to see brides changing in and out of their wedding gowns throughout the whole wedding ceremony. Many believe that it is compulsory to showcase as many wedding gowns as possible. This is not true.

Wedding Gowns

While there are brides who prefer wearing different wedding gowns for the different stages during the course of the wedding, others may prefer to remain in the same wedding gown for the entire celebration. For example, a bride may decide to wear a short wedding gown for her solemnisation and a formal wedding ball gown for her march-ins.

LaBelle Couture - Floraison Bridal Collection - The Goddess of DaintinessThere is no hard and fast rule to this wedding tradition. If you prefer to skip the changing into different wedding gowns in exchange for more time with your guests, or perhaps to save time, costs and hassle, go ahead and remain in just one wedding gown!


At the end of the day, it is your wedding and your should feel free to do whatever you wish to. Be it to abide by these wedding traditions, replace or omit them altogether.


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