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Top 3 Petite Bride Wedding Gown Woes Revealed!

Top 3 Petite Bride Wedding Gown Woes Revealed!

Hello there! If you are reading this, it probably means that you are pretty bite size! You have many labels that represent your size, but most of time, people address me as the shortie.

I realised I didn’t introduce myself. Well, my name is Hannah and I think I am a true representations of you petite girls out there!

By now, you should have known that brides come in all shapes and sizes, and I am no exception. I belong to the bite size brides and of course, well I was excited to choose my wedding gown, there were a few obstacles that I faced! Here are some woes I face when I choose and wear my wedding gown.

If you are petite too, I am certain you would be nodding away in agreement while reading them! In addition, I have penned down some tips and solutions to fix these woes which I hope would be useful to you!

Petite Bride Wedding Gown Woes #1 : My Wedding Gown Is Way Too Long

This is the first (and most common) woe which petite brides face when she wears her wedding gown. I did get very frustrated too because the wedding gowns on display usually fits the average size well. This means neither short nor tall, and neither size zero or plus size.

This also simply means that whatever and whichever wedding gown I try on, it all looks perfect…until I look at the length of the skirt. Sometimes, it looks like the wedding gown is wearing me instead of me wearing the wearing gown. Sometimes, I look like my legs got chopped into halves (and much shorter than I already am…which is really saddening!)

What you can do is to opt for a made-to-measure wedding gown, so that you can get the best fit. For those who have no inkling, made-to-measure wedding gowns simply means to customise to your measurements which only fits you and nobody else. You will be the first to wear your wedding gown design too!

Made-to-measure wedding gowns

Made-to-measure wedding gowns

Usually, made-to-measure comes with a heavier price tag due to the amount of work that goes into the process. If budget is an important factor, then you can still stick to off-the-rack wedding gowns! Another solution to counter the length of the wedding gown is to wear higher heels on your wedding day. While this helps to balance out the length of the wedding gown, one of the biggest drawbacks is how most petite brides have to opt for 5 inch heels!

This is an incredible feat to balance in 5 inch heels, without the fear of falling right on your face. While this can be a source of entertainment for your guests, but I guess that this isn’t the kind of memory you would want anyone to remember…right? On top of that fear, the strain on your feet, knees and back can be unbearable. Mind you, you will be walking from one table to another to take wedding pictures.

I find it useful to wear a chunkier heels with high platforms. This is so that the difference in height between the ball of your feet and your heels are significantly reduced. In turn, this puts lesser weight and strain on your feet, knees and back!

Petite Bride Wedding Gown Woes #2 : My Body And Legs Looks Short In The Wedding Gown

Although we must accept the way we look, it does not mean we cannot improvise on it! There are 101 tricks to offer an illusion of a longer torso or slender legs! To paint an illusion of longer torso and legs, you need to be careful when it comes to choosing your wedding gown. Your right wedding gown, that is.

Wedding gowns which have higher waistline which falls beneath the bust will help to elongate your miniature figure. An example would be the empire-waist wedding gown. Look for a an empire-waist wedding gown with a long, flowy skirt as it allows more movement as you walk down the aisle.

Besides the empire-waist wedding gowns, you may also consider trumpet cutting wedding gowns also commonly known as mermaid wedding gowns. Such wedding gowns have have flair below the knee. This slim-fitting silhouette elongates your torso and also draws eye downward. For the best fit, choose a style that flares at the knee or the calf. To complete the look, opt for a pair of nice heels to elongate your frame!

Mermaid wedding gown to elongate your torso

Mermaid wedding gown to elongate your torso

Petite Bride Wedding Gown Woes #3 : I Look Like Wearing My Mother’s Wedding Dress!

It is easy for us petite brides to look like as if we are wearing our mother’s dress instead. Surely, that isn’t something we want right? Think, child-bride. The horror, the horror! People might have mistaken my groom as a deranged child lover who decided to kidnap a random girl to marry (mind you, I have received strange looks from passer bys whenever I am holding his hand!)

The quick-fix solution to this woe is to think minimalistic and be minimalistic. Choosing a wedding gown which has simple or even plain-looking design can help to do the trick. This is because over-embellished wedding gowns may look too overpowering on the petite bride. Just imagine wearing a wedding gown with huge ruffles, ribbons, floral designs. Trust me, you won’t look anything…but a lump of white cloth.

Simple wedding gown

Simple wedding gown

Slender brides can get lost in a dress that has too much details. Therefore, Simpler is better for the petite bride. Consider simple satin, smooth textures, and minimal beadwork (if you want a 3D effect on your wedding gown).

These are some of the woes of a petite bride when she wears her wedding gown. Do you have others you would like to share too? Or other useful solutions for petite brides?

The bottom-line is, there will always be a way to work things out to improve your situation. So do not be disheartened by your petite-frame!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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