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Wedding Gowns For A Timeless Experience

Wedding Gowns for a Timeless Experience

bride in wedding dress

Wedding gowns are timeless symbols of marriage. It is the ultimate attire of romantic fulfillment and indescribable beauty. Yet, there have been countless renditions of this iconic dress. Sadly, some older styles belong in a museum. But you are probably not a relic hunter since you’re here seeking inspiration for your unforgettable big day. 

So on that note, La Belle Couture is going to take you on a fascinating journey. We present three fantastic wedding gown designs that attract oohs and ahs from across the globe. So, sit back, relax, and prepare for a visual treat!

Timeless Wedding Gowns #1: Long-Sleeved Gown with Lace Details

Groom hugging bride in wedding gown

Legendary actress Grace Kelly, who became Monacan royalty by marriage, made the wedding gown iconic. Since then, many fashionable public figures have recreated the style for their weddings. Some big names include supermodel Miranda Kerr and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. And there’s a good reason for that!

While the gown offers generous coverage, its carefully arranged lace designs enhance the bride’s feminine appearance. Additionally, they work magically for wedding photography. If you seek a style combining poise, elegance, and allure, look no further. 

We recommend adding a thin veil edged with lace details for a nice finishing touch to the outfit. You will charm guests without effort!

Timeless Wedding Gowns #2: The Classic Ball Gown

Bride in wedding gown holding bouquet

Tale as old as time, truth as it can be. The ball gown is THE classic bridal look. Don one of these beautiful wedding gowns, and you’ll immediately feel like a blushing bride. Don’t believe us? Put it on and give yourself a twirl. You’ll gain a boost of confidence to own the aisle. 

Essentially, a ball gown is a throwback to opulence afforded by the most prestigious families in history. It is one of the prettiest silhouettes ever designed, with style origins from the French Revolution. If you prefer a wedding dress that accentuates bust and shoulder areas, the ball gown will do wonders.

While few have the luxury of becoming princesses, anyone can look royally blessed with the ball gown. You may play around with add-on features to personalise a classic design. Additionally, hemline embroidery, bodice appliques, and sparkly sequins will enhance your bridal look. 

Timeless Wedding Gown #3: Off-the-Shoulder Sweetheart Gown

Bride with veil Outdoor wedding photography

Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns are flirty yet refined. These beautiful designs were once seasonal, ideal for the warmer summer months. But the style gained so much favour that it’s now a mainstay in every bridal studio. When paired with a sweetheart bodice, off-the-shoulder gowns gain a fairytale quality. Additionally, brides may apply embroidery overlaid with sequins for a shimmering effect. You’ll have your partner picking his jaw from the ground. 




We hope you’ve found inspiration in these classic designs! But remember, ultimately, you want an outfit that expresses your unique personality. If in self-doubt, remember that Grace Kelly established her unique style, and we believe you can too! The La Belle team will be delighted to guide you each step of the way! Let us know your desired style and we’ll help realise it!

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