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Top 3 Wedding Invitations

Top 3 Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are precious – they represent how much you care about your guests and value their attendance. Before the wedding gown, catering, or anything else, you’ll need to score with well-thought-out wedding invitations. It’s almost like the precursor to a blissful occasion. 

These heartfelt letters should contain the genuine essence of your joy, happiness, and excitement for the upcoming big day. Conventional wedding invitations involved simple envelopes and paper cards – but we’re living in advanced times that call for fresh concepts. The modern, fast-paced world provides a plethora of innovation and creativity to create attention-grabbing invites like never before. 

Eye-Catching Wedding Invitations #1: Acrylic Pieces


Why settle for standard paper wedding invitations when you can dial up the style with sleek acrylic pieces? Hard-cover acrylic generally lasts longer than paper materials, making it perfect as wedding keepsakes. For added aesthetics, consider stylised calligraphy with Andalusia and Love Letter scripts that will wow your recipients.

Like conventional wedding invites, acrylic designs feature all types of prints, including monochromatic and highly elaborate details. The significant difference is that your guests won’t accidentally crush or crumple your pretty invitation after the event. 

Eye-Catching Wedding Invitations #2: Virtual Invitations


Nearly everything is contactless these days. The same may apply to your wedding invite. Some brides might consider it insincere – or less thoughtful. But we’ll assure you that with virtual invites, you’ll engage your wedding guests in newfound ways. For starters, nothing (aside from face-to-face meetings) is more interactive than virtual mediums. 

For example, you may add animated borders like moving vines, blooming flowers, and moving cupids that bring a whole new dimension to wedding invites. Additionally, couples can add personalised video messages to each invite, connecting with guests in heart-warming ways. You could also add pre-wedding photography and pre-wedding videography to share your proudest moments. 

And fret not if you’re not a tech whiz! Many online sites will guide you toward creating A-one wedding invitations in no time through easy templates with drag-and-drop elements. Have fun and enjoy the creative process!

Eye-Catching Wedding Invitations #3: Ribbon It!



The smallest design element can make a profound impact. It’s like how sequins, bouquets, laces, and veils can significantly enhance your wedding gown. The same goes for your wedding invitations. A DIY ribbon finish will make your invitation lovelier and more presentable with a soft and gentle touch. Let’s also not forget how versatile (and practical) ribbons can be. Your ribbons may remain useful long after the wedding, with guests using it to seal a cookie jar or tie up a hairdo. 




La Belle Couture is here to help you through the challenges of wedding preparations. If you’ve hit a brick wall, don’t worry, our experts will redirect you right from the invitation stage (and even before that!). We believe that each wedding experience should reflect a bride’s unique personality, and we’re always happy and grateful to help you shine at your brightest! 

Blushing brides and dedicated grooms may connect with us on LinkedIn to receive additional La Belle News to help with their prep. See you there!

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