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The Top 3 Worst Advices We Have Ever Heard About Wedding Gowns

The Top 3 Worst Advices We Have Ever Heard About Wedding Gowns

It is completely natural that you, as a bride, would want to achieve that sense of beauty and confidence. Because of that, it is also completely natural to seek opinions and advices from others.

This, no doubt, includes choosing the right wedding gown! After all, you want to look your best. Truthfully, you might find it difficult to trust your judgement on your wedding gown.

However, do you honestly feel that some of the advices you may have heard should not be taken too seriously? Your mother, on one hand, is telling you to opt for the wedding gown with lots of jewel work. Only because you will shine like a diamond, literally. Your friend, on the other hand, keeps insisting you should go for the wedding gown that reveals your whole back and clings onto your figure. This happens even though you have indicated how difficult it is a to breathe in such a tight fitting wedding gown!  Let us find out what are the top 3 worst advices we have ever heard about wedding gowns!

The Top 3 Worst Advices About Wedding Gowns #1 : Fair-skinned brides look better in lighter colours

Comparing fair and dark skin tones, many of you brides may think that the former would have an easier choice when it comes to choosing their wedding gown colours. However, this may not be necessarily true. If you belong to this group, you may want to first consider the type of skin tone you have – cool or warm. For example, if you have a fair skin with pink undertones, you would fit wedding gowns in yellow-ivories. On the other hand, if you have darker complexion or yellow/olive undertones, then champagne coloured wedding gowns which has pink and gold undertones are more suitable for you.


When choosing your wedding gown colours, factor in not only your skin colour shade but skin tone too

The Top 3 Worst Advices About Wedding Gowns #2: Bring Extra Attention to your already Well-endowed Assets by Choosing a Wedding Gown which allows for that!

You busty brides have probably been ridiculed for your amply chest. Dozens of people have looked at your ‘rack’ and go ‘oh you have such a nice cleavage. Wear a wedding gown with a low cut neckline and all the men will nose bleed’. This is another one of the top 3 worst advices we have ever heard about wedding gowns!

#notnecessarilytrue #notallmenliveforwellendowedassets/

For the much-blessed bustier brides, you know you have got what it takes to flaunt your beautiful assets on your wedding gown. But there are some brides who don’t see a need to wear a wedding gown that shows everything! There is a stark difference between modesty and skimpiness. Of course, the former is always the better option…

Truth be told, you don’t need to opt for wedding gowns with a plunging neckline. Neither do you require one that comes with bodice that pushes your assets out of the cups.

A plunging V-neckline can look too skimpy if you are well-endowed

In fact, if you are a busty-bride, you should avoid choosing a wedding gown which emphasizes on your chest area. This means no to wedding gowns with awfully deep set necklines or bridal gowns that stops your poor assets from breathing.

There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, it would be very uncomfortable to squash your assets. Moreover, there will be unsightly angry red marks on your breasts.

Secondly, tight fitting wedding gowns means ill-fitting wedding gowns. You will only increase the chances of having saggy breasts.

Thirdly, your wedding guests will be left with a deep and uncomfortable impression of you in your wedding gown.

Instead of flaunting your assets at a go, choose a wedding gown that does a little peekaboo on your cleavage. Such wedding gowns usually feature a clear or lace mesh over a deep v-neckline. Another suggestion is that to avoid too many eyes laying on your chest. Hence, choose a wedding gown with lesser or no embellishments on the chest area.

Embellishments on your bust area brings extra attention

Embellishments on your bust area brings extra attention.

The Top 3 Worst Advices About Wedding Gowns #3: Only the slim brides will look gorgeous in a mermaid-cut wedding gown

Credits : Ever After Guide

Credits : Ever After Guide

Hello, excuse me! Where in the world did you get this idea from? This misconception is indeed yet another one of the top 3 worst advices we have ever heard about wedding gowns! The mermaid-cut wedding gown is indeed flattering. However, that does not necessary mean that only the slim-figured ones look good in them!

You need to get this right: the fit of a wedding gown in mermaid cut is dependent on the proportions of the bride.

This means that not all skinny brides look good in bridal gowns that feature a mermaid silhouette. For example, if a skinny bride has a long torso and short legs, a mermaid bridal gown will only emphasize the torso and “shorten” the proportions of her legs.

Having said that, it means that plus size brides can stand a chance to look amazing in mermaid wedding gowns, especially since they help to emphasize the curves rather than conceal them. And plus-size brides definitely fit the bill as they have curves to accentuate! The only thing to consider is working with a bridal specialist who is able to ensure that the fit of the wedding gown transform you (if you are a plus size bride) into a walking phenomenon!

And not look like a dumpling with overly layered wedding gowns (which is what plus size brides opt for because they want to conceal their size! It is a wrong move and you should NEVER commit that when it comes to your wedding gown…or your fashion choices!)

Plus size brides can look slimmer if you choose the right wedding gown cut

Plus size brides can look slimmer if you choose the right wedding gown cut

If you are concerned about your waistline, choose a mermaid wedding gown with a ruching style bodice through hips as it is designed to better flatter your figure. Think of the sexy bootylicious hourglass figure!

We have shared the top 3 worst advices we have ever heard about wedding gowns, do you agree with them? What are the other advices you have received from others but think are senseless? Share with us, we would love to hear them from you!

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