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Top 4 Mistakes Brides Should Avoid To Keep Their Groom Content!

Top 4 Mistakes Brides Should Avoid To Keep Their Groom Content!

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We once shared the top 4 mistakes grooms make that annoy their brides! However, it wouldn’t be fair to merely put the blame on grooms when the wedding goes wrong.

Did you know that brides also commit a few mistakes that drive their groom up the wall? Today, we will be presenting the top 4 mistakes that brides make that annoy their grooms!

Not Believing Us When We Insist That She Doesn’t Look Fat

*Justin: I don’t know if this applies to all brides, but my partner always seems to think she is fat. I honestly think that she isn’t fat, and even if she is, I will still love her anyway. On top of that, I offered to spend time with her to go to the gym or have a 15-minute jog, despite the fact that I am equally in love with my bed.

Those comments always aggravate the situation and somehow, I become at fault for stating the truth! I understand that she wants to look the best in her wedding gown on our big day, and there’s a lot of pressure to be the slimmest since all eyes are on her. But I really don’t know what else to say!

If I agree with her, I will be dead. If I disagree with her, I will be dead too. Clearly, I did not sign up for this…

Going Overboard With The Crash Diet

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*Michael: A typical meal for her is one with no (or little) carbohydrates, lots of greens, fruits, and green tea. Not only am I worried about her health, but I am amazed at how she managed to survive with such meager portions. Of course, her gastric pains, along with her mood swings, are more frequent than usual. Guess who bears the brunt of it?

Her bad tempers usually occur especially during the wedding preparation or anything related to the wedding. I usually don’t argue back because I know it won’t go anywhere. Also, I don’t want her to feel worse about the wedding. She probably has a lot on her plate, and the last thing she needs is me being snarky about her diet.

Brides Being Too Panicky About The Wedding Planning

*Benjamin: I understand wedding planning can be very daunting, since we are all first-timers, and panic is part and parcel of the process. But she gets very panicky over the wedding preparation, which is pretty uncharacteristic of her. Also, she insists that I am not partaking in the wedding preparation since I am always ‘relaxed’ and always occupied with other activities.

Let me clarify for the sake of mankind (or just grooms):

We do that not because we don’t care about the wedding. We just feel that there is no need to be nervous about certain things. It’s an especially tricky ordeal with wedding gown selection.

If I am stressed about the wedding, I don’t see a need to ponder about the problem. I would rather play a few rounds of DOTA to sort of clear my mind. Plus, there is no need for one more panicky person in the planning.

Brides Putting Others Before Herself

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*Timothy: Personally, I feel the wedding is just between me and her. Decisions should be made together and not be influenced by other people, family or not. It isn’t because we don’t respect their decisions and ideas. They are entitled to it. But when there are too many opinions shared, it stops her from making a decision since she feels obligated to go with one that pleases everybody.

For example, she took a long time to choose her wedding gown because her family members kept dishing out different tips and advice. All I want is for her to feel comfortable yet confident in a wedding gown that she likes, and not put on something she doesn’t fancy!


There you have it, the top 4 mistakes that brides make that annoy the groom. Have you committed any of them? 😉 Of course, there are mistakes that couples make together that they regret badly. In other words, mistakes shouldn’t be solely distinguished by gender! Right? 😉

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or drop us a message on social media!

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