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Top 4 Mistakes Grooms Should Avoid To Keep Their Brides Content!

Top 4 Mistakes Grooms Should Avoid To Keep Their Brides Content!

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This Wednesday, we posted a video of a groom whose tears welled up when he saw his bride-to-be walking down the aisle. We bet the emotional side of you is going awwwwwwwww and wished that your wedding will be this sweet as you walk down the aisle…

And then you turn to look at your groom, and think to yourself, is that even possible? Your groom has committed quite a few mistakes that it makes you wonder if you’ll ever enjoy a moment of relief, without the urge of smacking him across the face…

Here’re some bite size accounts of what a groom-to-be did that tempted them to to pull their hair off, and fashion a whip out of them just so they have something to hit them.

We are just kidding… or maybe not? 😉

Nonchalant About My Wedding Gown & Evening Dress

*Tiffany: Sometimes I don’t know if I made the right decision to bring him along to look at the wedding gowns or evening dresses. I can try on different cuts and designs, and to him it is just a wedding gown or how they are all the same.

What kind of logic is that!? This gown has ZERO embellishments on it, no sequins no crystals, no anything, and the other has LACE all over the wedding gown. How is it possible that there is no difference?!

*smacks face with palm*

Nonchalant About His Suit Or Tuxedo Rental

*Rachel: My guy thought the colour or design of the tuxedo/suit didn’t matter since ‘I am the most beautiful on that day’. He’ll just settle with something simpler and picks off a tuxedo without much thought.

I chose an evening dress in a rich of shade emerald green. He chose a shiny tuxedo in a shade of maroon. I guess the theme of the wedding is all about Christmas…

I can’t deny that I want to be the most beautiful lady on our wedding day. Scratch that, I am supposed to be the most beautiful, most radiant, most perfect and whatever! But I want my partner to look good with me, and not appear less adequate. It would be nicer if he cared a little about his tuxedo…unless he has a secret fetish for Santa…then I guess it is my downfall *crosses fingers*

Playing With His Mobile Device When Asking For Advice

*Adeline: Whenever I am deciding on any aspect of the wedding and asking for a second opinion, he is always engrossed with his mobile device, playing whatever games he has installed in the phone. Whenever I ask him to stop playing, he just goes ‘orh’….and continues with the game!

Are you marrying me or the phone? Choose wisely.

I have a loaded gun right next to me.

Not Interested About What Is Going On With The Wedding

*Michelle: Asking him for advice about something, like the choice of my wedding gown or evening dress, is equivalent to talking to a wall. If that was real, I am pretty sure that there will be holes on the wall. By the way, they will be the size of my fist.

I understand that the lack of enthusiasm about wedding gowns and evening dresses, since he isn’t wearing them, but it would be nice to hear a few comments and be involved in the wedding! This isn’t MY wedding. This is OUR wedding…

Think He Is Contributing By Staying Out Of The Way

*Hannah: My partner thought that it would be best to stay out of the way because ‘women prefer to be in control of the nitty gritty details’ and he will ‘make a mess out of everything’.

Honey, that is pretty sweet and partially true but hey it is your wedding too! You can contribute a little by giving suggestions, like whether we should go with this hand bouquet, or if I should try another make up style.

I promise I won’t bite unless you say something foolish, like how I look like a whale in a certain wedding gown. That warrants a punch. Right?

*Not real names.


We hoped that you enjoyed these few entertaining accounts! Share it if you think this speaks of your case or you want to warn your groom-to-be first 😉

But brides, you are not let off the hook. Just because grooms make mistakes, it doesn’t mean that you don’t! We will be sharing mistakes brides make that annoy their grooms too!

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