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Top 5 Bachelor/ette Party Ideas

Top 5 Bachelor/ette Party Ideas

The time has come to bid singlehood goodbye and welcome married life with open arms. With regards to this, lesser people also feel the need to mourn the end of their singledom with drunken debauchery that mirrors their single days. Sound good so far?

So attention maid-of-honour and best man! Whether you decide to throw a co-ed bachelor/ette party or separate ones for your best friends, we’ve got you covered today with our top five favourite party ideas!


Roast ‘Em

roast em

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Be warned: this option is only good for those with thicker skin. If so, go ahead and gather the entire bridal party and organise a roast – an event where comedic insults are targeted at a person. In this case, it could be two as well! That being said, this event is only possible is the soon-to-be bride or groom has a good sense of humour and wouldn’t mind being the butt of everyone’s jokes. At the end of the day, roasting the couple could lead to some memorable and touching moments. One final tip to always remember that this is all out of good fun.


Hit the road

Might be good  better adjusted further

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What better way to enjoy the company of your friends than to take a road trip with them? If you want to stay near home, you could plan drive to Malaysia over the weekend for a quick getaway, or opt for a short vacay at not so distant country. Whether you decide to plan your road trip or be spontaneous, we leave it up to you! However we do suggest that if you’re opting for the latter, pre-planning could save you much time.


Pamper yourselves!

spa relaxation

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Skip a rowdy night and opt for a relaxed one instead – especially if your party is close to your wedding day. Trust us when we say that the soon-to-be bride and groom would undoubtedly appreciate this luxurious day filled with massages, facials, treatments and so on. If you’re looking to invite the bridal party as well, consider winding down with a retreat. Indulge in activities that tranquilise both body and mind.


Raise your glasses

raise your glasses


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We know that we mentioned cutting the booze previously, but that doesn’t mean you cut it off completely per se. Instead of hitting up a crowded bar or club, take your party to an intimate session of booze tasting (think whiskey, spirits, beer or wine)? You’d steer away from the crowd and enjoy the taste of exquisit flavours at the company of your entourage.


Wedding Olympics

wedding competition

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Bring the term, “Battle of the Sexes” to a whole new level with this idea. Choose between adrenaline pumping games like lasertag, paintball, or anything you like really. Split yourselves up into two teams, Guys vs. Girls and fire away! And remember, this is only friendly competition. Grooms: If you decide to have an all-boys party, you could also get your groomsmen to suit up (although our humidity might make you think otherwise).


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